The Firsts
Abu Ayyub Al Ansari (ra): The Host of the Prophet
Abu Ayyub Al Ansari (ra): The Host of the Prophet 1:01:52 Al Bara’ Ibn Malik (ra): The Underestimated Hero 52:27 Ubadah ibn al-Samit (ra): A Man Equal to a Thousand Men 59:25 Umm Haram (ra): When Dreams Come True 1:01:12 Anas ibn Malik (ra): In Service of the Beloved 1:15:13 Umm Sulaym (ra): Her Dowry Was Islam 59:38 Sa'ad Ibn Ubadah (ra): The Generous Chief 59:53 Sa'ad Ibn Muadh (ra): The Man Who Shook The Throne 55:46 Usayd Ibn Hudayr (ra): Transformed by the Quran 49:31 As’ad Ibn Zurara (ra): The First Convert of Madinah 40:17 Loving the Ansar 1:09:47 New! Sincerely Yours, a talk show by Yaqeen Institute! 0:30 Mihja, Umayr, and Ubayda (ra): The Martyrs of Badr | The Firsts 11:35 Umm Kulthum Bint Uqbah Ibn Abi Muayt (ra): The Enemy’s Daughter | The Firsts 12:49 Zinneera (ra) and Aflah (ra): The Tortured Ones | The Firsts 11:16 Amir Ibn Fuhayra (ra): The Guide on the Hijrah 16:53 Anisa, Al-Numan, and Amir (ra): On A Boat From Abysinnia 11:40 Rayta Bint Al-Harith (ra): Poisoned on the Way 10:47 Khalid Ibn Sa’id Ibn al-'As (ra): A Dream of the Prophet 16:25 Subay'a Al-Aslamiyya (ra): The Iddah of a Widow 15:38 Nuaym Ibn Abdullah (ra): Redirecting History 11:48 Ukasha ibn al-Mihsan (ra): He Beat You To It 14:12 Zaynab Bint Khuzayma (ra): The Mother of the Poor 12:45 Abu Ahmad Abd Ibn Jahsh (ra): The Other Blind Companion 14:06 Abdullah Ibn Jahsh (ra): An Accepted Prayer 16:38