The IBC Podcast

IBC SHOWCASE highlights

September 25, 2020 Season 1 Episode 5
The IBC Podcast
IBC SHOWCASE highlights
Show Notes

IBC365 editor George Bevir is joined by journalists James Pearce and Ann-Marie Corvin and IBC Accelerator project leaders Muki Kulhan and Mark Smith for a discussion about some of the highlights of IBC SHOWCASE, IBC's virtual event that took place in September.  

The podcast contains clips of some of the IBC SHOWCASE sessions featuring:

  • Matt Frost, Google, during Intel's panel on AV1
  • Eva Norry, Fifa, as part of Synamedia's discussion on piracy
  • Deborah Turness, NBC, in the IHFE Award presentation
  • Tim Davis, ITV, as part of a look at the object-based Accelerator
  • Rafi Nizam, creative consultant on CG animation

To watch all of the sessions discussed during the podcast visit: