Transcendental Kink

MsMynx - Embodiment of spirit in kink B

December 17, 2020 Red Season 1 Episode 13
Transcendental Kink
MsMynx - Embodiment of spirit in kink B
Show Notes

Hello lovely people, and welcome to transcendental kink!

This is the second episode with the lovely Ms Mynx.

Ms Mynx is a lifelong student of spirituality and a meditation teacher, a performing artist of movement and dance, and a lifestyle and a professional mistress. 

She has been consciously developing her embodied spirit throughout her life in all her pursuits. Kink isn’t separate from spirituality in her life. She embodies all of it and presents her beautiful soul authentically to the world. 

Our conversation took us to places of discovery and creative life which spans decades. I have separated our conversation into two episodes, Embodiment of Spirit A, episode 12 and Embodiment of Spirit B, episode 13.

Please join us as we dive into a fascinating discussion about embodiment of spirit in kink part B. 

Ms Mynx is currently available for fitness training sessions. To find out more and to book a session go to and look for Mistress_Mynx.

This episode is supported by The Club and an amazing artist who gives me all the inspiration