The Worst Girl Gang Ever

BONUS EPISODE - Pregnancy After Loss

June 09, 2021 Laura and Bex Season 3 Episode 6
The Worst Girl Gang Ever
BONUS EPISODE - Pregnancy After Loss
Show Notes

TRIGGER WARNING - if you want to skip this one please do, we won't be offended, pinky promise!

We discuss our own thoughts, feelings and experiences of out pregnancies following miscarriage. It's a but moany but that's because it's tough and just because its a desperately wanted pregnancy it doesn't make it any easier to cope with, in fact it comes with a whole new host of heightened emotions.

Guest appearance from Rob the loud Canadian.

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It's time to break the silence and open up the dialogue around the topics of miscarriage and pregnancy loss. No more shame, no more taboo, lets ditch it for our children; the ones that will come, the ones that are and the ones that never came to be.