The Worst Girl Gang Ever

S3, E8 - Fathers Day Special with Sam the Salisbury Ledge AKA 'Big Dog'.

June 20, 2021 Laura and Bex Season 3 Episode 8
The Worst Girl Gang Ever
S3, E8 - Fathers Day Special with Sam the Salisbury Ledge AKA 'Big Dog'.
Show Notes

To all the dads who carry a child in their heart but cannot hold them in their arms this Fathers Day. We see you, we've got you x

It was a real pleasure to chat to Sam Woolford for this podcast episode. He shares with us his experience of losing daughter Etta shortly after birth and he talks openly about the complex emotions and how he coped as a man as well as how him and wife Emily coped as a couple.
Sam is a bit of a ledge, although don't tell him we said that, it'll go to his head. Supported by wife Emily, he set up a SANDS football team for bereaved fathers and the work he is doing is fantastic at providing a support network for this who are usually the forgotten ones when it comes to grief after baby loss. 

You can find more about the team by heading to their website and following on instagram. Have a peek at the great work Sam is doing or get in touch if you are interested in setting up your own team in your local area.
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