The Worst Girl Gang Ever

S3, E9 - Emma @yourivfabroad - donor conception, IVF abroad

June 27, 2021 Laura and Bex Season 3 Episode 9
The Worst Girl Gang Ever
S3, E9 - Emma @yourivfabroad - donor conception, IVF abroad
Show Notes

Following her own experiences of infertility and fertility treatment abroad. Emma set up Your IVF abroad with her husband, Adam.

Your IVF abroad offers consultancy and concierge services, from clinic matching to practical and emotional support through treatment and are proud to be the UKs only independent reproductive agency that does not take commission from clinics.

Emma is on a mission to make IVF more affordable, accessible and supported, for more people.

You can find her on Instagram @yourivfabroad

Free peer support group for those TTC.

Emma has developed a free checklist so you can work out if IVF abroad is right for you via the link below.

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