The Worst Girl Gang Ever

S3, E22 - Frankie Brunker - Stillbirth

September 19, 2021 Laura and Bex Season 3 Episode 22
The Worst Girl Gang Ever
S3, E22 - Frankie Brunker - Stillbirth
Show Notes

Frankie's first baby, Esme, was stillborn in September 2013. Having to break the news to youngsters within the family was made harder by the lack of a children's book that she felt could adequately explain what had happened. She also wanted more guidance as to how she could retain Esme's place in the family in positive and special ways.

She was inspired to write These Precious Little People, and the safe arrival of Esme's two siblings only cemented her desire to provide a resource to families that would do credit to how precious these little people really are. She connected with @gilliangambleartist, an experienced, incredibly talented & generous illustrator, and had the backing of @joeltcp (a wonderful charity that receives all proceeds from sales of the book); both supported Frankie’s dream & helped bring These Precious Little People to life.

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