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How Understanding Your Ability vs. Your Capacity Can Empower You to Live a Sparked Life, with Host Julie Berman

November 30, 2022 Julie Berman
Women with Cool Jobs
How Understanding Your Ability vs. Your Capacity Can Empower You to Live a Sparked Life, with Host Julie Berman
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Understanding your ability vs. your capacity can empower you to live a sparked life. You're living now with your current abilities that are based off everything you've done and the person you've been up to this point. Your capacity is what you are capable of doing and who you are capable of being in the future. Your capacity is infinite, which means you have the power to explore who you’re meant to be, what you’re meant to be doing, and how you're going to serve the world in your own special way.

Julie learned this incredible concept from life coach and brilliant entrepreneur, Brooke Castillo, while attending her live event in Phoenix, AZ. She felt so connected to this message and how empowering it is, because the women who have been guests on this podcast have demonstrated that they have this beautiful infinite capacity--just like you, just like her, just like every single human being on this planet-- for what is possible for us in the future.

You can take small, tiny steps and those small, tiny steps add up to something big. They put you on a completely new path that maybe you never even could dream up for yourself, because you are a person who has infinite capacity.

Julie challenges you to act. Write down what is one small, tiny step that you can take to fulfill something that leads you to your future capacity. What can you do? What is that new action? Are you up for her challenge to discover what you are capable of?

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Julie Berman - Host:

Who you are, what you can do now? Like, what are the things that you have experienced or learned or done, to be able to be the person who you are today that allows you to do the things that you can do to have the knowledge that you have to serve the people who you are serving now, that is your current ability, and it's things that you have developed over time. But then the part that I loved the most was this idea of your capacity. And this is what the women who have been guests on this podcast so beautifully, have demonstrated as that they have this beautiful, infinite capacity, just like you just like me, just like every single human being on this planet, for what is possible for us in the future. Hey, everybody, I'm Julie, and welcome to Women with cool jobs. Each episode will feature women with unique trailblazing and innovative crews. We'll talk about how she got here, what life is like now, and actionable steps that you can take to go on a similar path or one that's all your own. This podcast is about empowering you. It's about empowering you to dream big and to be inspired. You'll hear from incredible women in a wide variety of fields, and hopefully some that you've never heard of before. Women who build robots and roadways, firefighters, C suite professionals surrounded by men, social media mavens, entrepreneurs, and more. I'm so glad we get to go on this journey together. Hello, everybody. This is Julie Berman, and welcome to another episode of women with cool jobs. So I hope you had the most amazing Thanksgiving. I was up north in a really beautiful forest he part of Arizona, I guess not all of it is a desert. And it's such a refreshing change because it's much cooler. There's like pine trees. And it does actually snow, we didn't get snow. But it's just such a beautiful change. And so I went with my family, and my kiddos and my husband, we just got to spend such a nice holiday together. And it's nice because I don't get a lot of quality time with people. And so it's just wonderful to have that even for a short amount of time. And so I hope that you had an equally amazing holiday with people that you love and who love you. This is going to be a special episode because I went to this really incredible event with Brooke Castillo called Life Coach live that she had in Phoenix last weekend. I was there for three days. And amazingly, my husband, he was, you know, he was the one who was like, taking care of the baby and doing all the things and I'm so grateful for him because it allowed me to go into the space where I could observe how Brooke who's a life coach, to how she asked questions, how she coaches people. Like I was so excited to hear about what she says because I follow her podcast among so many others that I love like Suze more, and Kathy Heller and Britt Morin, and countless others. And I always like flip flop between all them because I just love to podcast and I love listening to podcasts. And so it was such a special thing to be able to hear someone who I've listened to on a podcast, and love what she has to say in person, like it was so cool. And I love the idea of being able to listen to the questions that she was asking and how she was coaching people because I really strive as a podcaster to think about how I can ask better questions of how I can get these like really meaningful, insightful stories for you as the listener and how I can make it both a really wonderful place to be during you know the time like hold space for this person while I am interviewing them. And also create this really, really like wonderful experience for you as a listener that you hopefully get so much out of this conversation and learn so much from this person who has so much beautiful experience and has done a cool job and who has a cool job. So from that perspective, If I love listening to help people, ask questions and coach and also because of my work now, with Sparky types, which I do, if you don't know and haven't heard, I do one on one, work coaching people, I also do this really amazing work with teams and groups in a corporate space and group environment, like specific custom for your group and organization. And it's all working with Spark types, which is this framework for how to understand what lights you up and why. So you can do more of it. It's really about understanding like what sparks you, what fills your cup, alternately, like what drains you and does not fill your cup, and having like, the specific knowledge and examples of what does and why having that language. And then the beautiful thing about that, whether it's as an individual is you can use this whole framework that I teach you and go through with you how to apply that in the future, like you can just keep adding to it, you've got like this new toolset for almost like how to think about things and how to analyze them and, and how to really like, note and pay attention to what does make you feel like you are living your best life. And knowing why that is, and then adding more of that into your life. And then when I do it in a group setting, like we learn all about who we are first. And then we take that into our groups, and we figure out okay, well, you know, if I'm working with Jeff like, and he's amazing at this, and he loves doing this, like, how can he help me and do more of that? And like maybe help me with a project I'm working on? How can I contribute and help him with something in a space where I really love doing it? And I'm lit up by this? Like, how can we collaborate more, it also gives us incredible framework for connecting and having conversations on a deeper level. And it's just this really beautiful tools that I'm so passionate about. And so I love to listen to questions, and also to coaching because of this, like because of these things that I'm doing that light me up and sparked me. And I was so excited to go. Because I learned so much not only I just like wrote down pages and pages and pages worth of how she writes questions, so I can look at it later because it's fascinating to me. But also, there's one idea that she talked about that I wanted to share in this episode. Because it was so powerful. And because it links so beautifully to what the women who were on this podcast, what they have demonstrated, and how they got their cool job. And it's this concept that Brooke talks about, which is your ability versus your capacity. And so she describes your ability as basically who you are, what you can do now, like what are the things that you have experienced or learned or done, to be able to be the person who you are today that allows you to do the things that you can do to have the knowledge that you have to serve the people who you are serving now, that is your current ability. And it's things that you have developed over time. Maybe you have like purposely done it, maybe you haven't, maybe it's that you achieved a dream, right? Like it's the things that you dreamt about that you're doing now. So these are all the things that have led you to your current place that is your ability. But then the part that I loved the most was this idea of your capacity, which is different than your ability. And this is what the women who have been guests on this podcast, so beautifully have demonstrated as that they have this beautiful infinite capacity, just like you just like me, just like every single human being on this planet, for what is possible for us in the future. So your capacity is based on who you are in the future. What you can learn who you can become, what you can achieve what you can do your dreams, right and the things that you may not even be able to dream for yourself now, because you didn't even know what path you were gonna take and how it was going to all turn out. But our capacities are infinite and I I wanted to bring this up. Because I feel like this is such an important concept, where we often look at who we are now, we think about where we've been, what we have done, who we are, what we are doing. But we don't, we don't actually give ourselves credit for not only the person we are now and what we can do our abilities now. But we really, really sell ourselves short, when it comes to our capacity, and who we can be in the future, and what we can do in the future and the skills that we can learn and the things that we can do and the people we can serve. Like all of those things. It takes this like, this sort of dreamer mindset. And this, this sort of stance of like, my capacity is infinite, I can do anything and be everything. And that's why I got so excited about this concept, because the incredible women on this podcast are examples, their real life examples of our capacity of what we can accomplish and who we can become. And that is the biggest lesson that I took away from this beautiful event that she and her team created. And I wanted to share it with you, especially going into the season where we're at the end of the year, oftentimes, you know, we, we look at like, Okay, well, I made these huge goals, these huge resolutions at the beginning of the year, like have I achieved all those and often they're these huge things. And maybe we haven't done all of them, maybe we haven't met all of our goals, I want to say to that have you've never heard of a done list, maybe it would be worth doing a done list for all the incredible things that you have achieved this year, that you have done for the things that you have learned BIG and LITTLE. So I know for myself, like, literally, I went to this year, and I have been doing this podcast through a pregnancy that was very, very difficult. It was my hardest pregnancy, I was sick the whole time. For you know, having a newborn baby, for having my kids, they change and now they're both in, in school, and for having some health stuff go on with my family and dealing with starting this business and trying to grow this business and being a mom to a tiny baby and, and little kids and you know, so like, those would be the things that I would write on my done list. And those are some big things. And also just, I would say it's a small thing, but it counts is my ability to show up. When I said I was going to show up and to do whatever the thing was, that I said I was going to do. So that counts. And so I I want to encourage you make a done list for yourself. If you're gonna go through all your resolutions, and error like, Man, I didn't do this. And I didn't do this. And I didn't do this. Do yourself a favor and also do a done list. Even if you write three things. It's you're acknowledging what you've accomplished, what you've learned, you've taken action, and that counts. And what I also want to encourage you is to think about who you want to be what you want to start doing. And think about how would that lead you towards who you can become and what your infinite capacity is, we all have this innate infinite capacity within us. And it takes one small, tiny step at a time, one small, tiny action at a time to prove to yourself that you can do something that is new, you can do something that is hard. You can take small, tiny steps and those small, tiny steps, they add up to something big and they put you on a completely new path that maybe you never even could dream up for yourself because you are a person who has infinite capacity. So do me a favor. And before you move on after the end of this episode, or right now, take a minute push the pause button or before you stop I'm gonna, you know, stop listening to this at ends. And before you move on to the next thing, stop and take three minutes for yourself and write something down whether it's handwritten on a scrap piece of paper, in an app on your phone, but write down what is one small, tiny step that you can take to fulfill something that leads you to your future capacity. What can you do? And I promise you that if you keep doing that, if you keep taking these small, tiny steps, it will lead you to a whole new future. And I want to give you the examples that I was the one in my relationship, like I've been with my husband for quite a long time, over 15 years, not quite married that long, but we've been together that long. And I was the one who was like bursting the bubbles, my husband would always have these, like, we would call it the idea of the day or idea of the week where he would just think of these, like ideas like these inventions of new products or new business ideas. And, you know, he would have them all the time. And I would always burst this bubble like not on purpose not to be hurtful or negative. But like, I thought I was coming from the super realistic place of like, oh, my gosh, did you think about this? And have you done this research? And what about this factor. And I was just always like, really negative and bursting his bubble. And he would be like, I just literally thought of this an hour ago or this morning, or I just thought at this yesterday, I haven't had time to do research or to think about it. But here I was, like not even allowing the opportunity or the space for him to kind of dream about what's possible. And that was maybe four or five years ago. And I'm really happy to say that I am in a completely different mindset now, where I love to think about not only what is possible for women, and what cool jobs we can have, because there are new cool jobs that that don't exist today that could exist tomorrow that we could have that we would be amazing at, or fields that you don't see enough women, where we need more women to know about them and to do them. And all of these things like it shows, we have this infinite capacity to step into who we want to be to step into what we want to become who we want to become what skills, we want to learn who we want to serve. And that idea, it all stems from this idea of taking one small action. And doing that and taking another small action. And doing that. And slowly, by taking one small action at a time, you're changing the trajectory of your entire life. You're literally living in this knowledge that you have infinite capacity. And isn't that like the most beautiful thing to think about? Like we can do and be and serve in so many different ways. And some that we can dream of and in some that we don't even know how to treat because we haven't been foreign far enough down this path. And so that's my challenge before you end this episode, pause it right now. Write down something and make sure it's achievable. Make sure it's so tiny, that it's so so achievable. So there's this amazing book called atomic habits. And it's by James. And it's by James clear. And he says to start with the tiniest actions, first in order to change your habits. So for example, like if you want to be the person who exercises for 15 minutes every day, who takes a walk for 15 minutes every day. You don't start out by saying, I'm going to take a walk for 15 minutes every single day. I'm going to do it because most often, right? Like we start out we have two or three good days, and then something happens or we get sick, or we're like Ah I'll just take off one day. And so it's like we've set this really, really hard goal for ourselves. Whereas he says if you Want to be the person who takes a walk every single day for 15 minutes, maybe the first day, you just literally set your shoes and socks out beside your bed. And the next morning, you wake up, and you put them on. And that's all you do. And then the second day, you do the same thing where you put your socks and shoes by the side of your bed, you put them on, and then maybe you step outside, maybe you just sit in the chair. And then the third day, you do the same thing. And you add on to that you put your socks and shoes on, you go sit outside, and then maybe you decide, okay, I'm going to stand out here for one minute, and I'm going to decide tomorrow which direction I'm going to go. And then the fourth day, you get your socks and shoes on. You sit outside for a moment. And you stand, you take a minute to confirm which way you're gonna go. And you walk. And maybe you just walk for two minutes in the direction that you decided the day before. And so it's like little by little tiny action by tiny action by tiny action. And that's how he says you change your habits. So that's what I want to encourage you to do. If you want to identify as someone who is like living in this infinite capacity, and you have this goal for yourself this dream for yourself, start by taking the tiniest action, and building on that. And that's how you're going to build confidence in yourself. That's how you're going to build new habits. That's how you're going to build like this new future. So I hope that this episode, like I hope that it really helps you feel empowered, I hope that it helps you know that you can have your own cool job, like whatever that may be, if you are wanting to find another job or another sort of calling for yourself, I hope that if you listen to this, and you love your job, but like if there's something that you want, maybe for yourself outside of work, or that you want for your family, just taking those really tiny miniscule actions can lead and can show you this new capacity of what is possible for you and your life. And I can't leave without seeing that. If you know that you like you don't feel the line, you don't feel passionate about what you're doing. You don't feel fulfilled and like time drags on. But you have literally no idea that you know exactly what does not spark you what you don't like to be doing. But you have no idea what it is that actually does light you up, you have no reason why you don't understand why things in the past, like that have felt like you were meant to be doing that, like that was so awesome and time flew by. But you can't pinpoint exactly what it is about that activity or that place. In time where you were that like lit you up, I would absolutely love to be the person to help you on one on one coaching, you can go to my website, and look at my get sparked page. It's women with cool jobs.com. And also if you are looking in your organization, for a really fun, highly engaging live, team building event whether if you're in Phoenix, I can do it in person. And if you want to do something virtual, I have done that to where you want this really special fun event for holiday for a holiday teambuilding party, or just something to start off the year with a bang and have this like new like this new perspective of like connection and collaboration. I would love to help you with that. And you can go also on my website womenwithcooljobs.com And go check out that page and I have information in a way to get in contact. So as always, thank you so much for listening. I hope that you will take action before you move on to your next thing whether you're doing dishes taking a walk, what have you. Please do me a favor and write down what's that tiny action that is going to get you to your future capacity. And I would love to hear about it as well. You can reach out to me on my podcast at women killed jobs on LinkedIn at Julie bourbon or through Instagram at women coal jobs. Thank you so much and take care. Hey, everybody, thank you so much for listening to women with cool jobs. I'll be releasing a new episode every two weeks So make sure you hit that subscribe button. And if you love the show, please give me a five star rating. Also, it would mean so much if you share this episode with someone you think would love it, or would find it inspirational. And lastly, do you have ideas for future shows? Or do you know any Rockstar women with cool jobs? I would love to hear from you. You can email me at Julie at women with cool jobs.com Or you can find me on Instagram at women who will jobs again that women will jobs. Thank you so much for listening and have an incredible day