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How to Decide Your Next "Right" Turn, with Host Julie Berman

December 14, 2022 Julie Berman
Women with Cool Jobs
How to Decide Your Next "Right" Turn, with Host Julie Berman
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Do you feel like you did all the "right" things? You checked all the boxes. Maybe you got that degree. You have the experience. You got married. Or you had 2.5 kids. But despite all these "right" moves, does something still feel like it's missing, not aligned, or just plain wrong?

Julie shares her story of how she thought she was going the "right" direction, a big lesson learned, and 3 questions to ask yourself so you can figure out the best next "right" turn for you in 2023.

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We all have these situations where we thought if we make a certain amount of right turns, or do these, right, these actions that we thought would bring us to this place that we would be right there where we want it to be. We did all the things, we got the degree, we got the job and XYZ career. And then whether it's like you got there immediately, and you're like, oh, boy, this is not what I thought it was gonna be. Or maybe you loved it. Like maybe you had such an incredible five years or 10 years in this particular niche or career. And now you're feeling this sense of like, Okay, it's time to shift, it's time to do something new. And you're looking to change things up a little bit. I want to encourage you to think about like, Okay, right. What does that mean to you? Hey, everybody, I'm Julie, and welcome to Women with cool jobs. Each episode will feature women with unique trailblazing and innovative crews. We'll talk about how she got here, what life is like now, and actionable steps that you can take to go on a similar path, or one that's all your own. This podcast is about empowering you. It's about empowering you to dream big, and to be inspired. You'll hear from incredible women in a wide variety of fields, and hopefully some that you've never heard of before. Women who filled robots and roadways, firefighters, C suite professionals surrounded by men, social media, mavens, entrepreneurs, and more. I'm so glad we get to go on this journey together. Hello, everybody, this is Julie Berman, and welcome to another episode of women with cool jobs. So today, I'm coming at you with the last episode of the year. And I'm gonna be taking a break for a month or two. And just to mainly give myself some time with my family to celebrate the holidays, celebrate New Year also to be able to do some planning. And not only for the podcast, but for my business where I help people find what sparks them using Spark types, which I love doing. And just to like, you know, have a break, because really, I have not taken a break from this podcast for over two years. I started it back in October 2022. And here I am in December of two or sorry, can you tell I'm a little bit sick. I started in October of 2020. And here we are in December of 2022. And it's been over two years that I've been releasing an episode every other Wednesday. And it's literally been one of the most amazing things that I've done well for myself. And just like, I feel like I've had these amazing conversations with women. I've learned so much from these women over the last few years. And it's totally changed my perspective and my outlook on what's possible for me and for you. So, so, so blessed that I have this opportunity. But it's also time for me to take a little bit of a break. With that being said, I wanted to leave you with something that hopefully would inspire you, that hopefully would also make you think a little bit. And I wanted to share this story with you. So when I was 19. So literally, I'm 38 That's like, half my lifetime ago, I studied abroad in France in northern France. And I had never been out of the country before. Except for like Mexico. I had never lived anywhere else besides living in Arizona in Phoenix where I grew up. And so it was such everything was like this huge learning curve, like this huge learning experience. And I had studied French in school, but of course, speaking French in class in America is totally totally different than speaking in a different country to people who speak so fast. And of course I had an accent you know an American accent people didn't know if I was Canadian or American but they knew I was from North America somewhere. And everything right was like this learning curve even from literally I went there in January. I have never been so cold in my life. I come from the desert so I didn't know to like buy a jacket that was a little bit bigger. I didn't know to buy warm shoes. I didn't know how to tie A scarf. I mean, all these really practical things for those of you who live in colder areas of the country or the world, I just had never, I didn't need to know any of that. So it was I mean, like, let me tell you, it was a huge learning experience in so many ways. And one of the biggest things that I learned there like and I always go back to this story, and I can always kind of pull out these different meanings of the story. But one time, when I was there, I had to go to the grocery store. And here in Phoenix, like I was used to having a car, I had a car, from the moment I turned 16, because we lived far from my high school from my brother's High School, and I had to go pick them up. So I literally from the minute that I could start driving, I had a car because I had to get to school, and I had to pick up my brother and get him from school. So it was, it was like something that I had just always had. And I had taken for granted. And when I was in France, like I didn't have a car. And so I had to walk everywhere, I had to use mass transportation, which, you know, they had the equivalent to like, the underground rail system. And that was all totally new for me. And I remember my first time going to the supermarket, I had a map like a real map, because at that time, right, we didn't have GPS on our phones, which is so weird to think about now. But I had a real map that I had in my hand, and I was trying to get to the store to buy food. And I remember I started out walking, I was like, bundled up because it was January when I got there. And I'm walking down the streets like not knowing where I'm going. And all the buildings there because I was sort of in this like, more downtown populated area, um, not so much in a suburb. And so all the places there were like 234 storeys high. So I couldn't see any landmarks around me, which, if you've ever been to the Phoenix area, like we don't have a ton of huge tall buildings. Unless you're in like a really highly populated dense area and some sort of downtown area like downtown Tempe, downtown Phoenix, then we have higher buildings. But here you can see like the mountains, you can see the sunsets you can see the sky. That was so strange for me. And so I remember I'm like walking down the streets, and I just see these buildings of like 234 storeys tall, I don't have any references. And I'm trying to follow the map, and I got so lost, like so. So lost on my way to try to get to the supermarket. And I started getting really nervous and like, really panicky because first of all my French I was learning was like not as not as good as I was hoping it would be, even though I've taken it by then for quite a few years. And the other thing is that you know, when you're nervous in general, right, like, you can't think of the words as clearly, you're kind of like breathing really quickly. So I started to think, Okay, well, I can make several right turns, and get back to where I started. Because in in Phoenix, mostly everything is on this grid system where we have parallel streets going running north south, and we have perpendicular streets running east west. So for me, like I was used to, okay, well, if I'm at my house, and I make one, right, two rights, three rights, I should be going back on the way to my house, so I thought, oh, my gosh, this should be the way home. So I start trying to figure out where I am, and where I was, and how to get back home by making these right turns. And I literally, I got so lost. And I was like getting really panicked because it was starting to get darker. I had my map and I started to really, really get nervous. And I didn't have any friends at that point because I had just gotten there. And you know, when you get somewhere like especially if you travel along waiting, you're really disoriented and like your time is off and just your sense of place is off. That's like where I was and then, you know, with the language thing and being in this city that looks so different and felt so different than where I had ever been. It was it was overwhelming. And so I remember I was like In the middle of the street, and there were people walking towards me. And I was like mentally, in my mind, I was like, I have to ask these people where I am and how to go back to my dorm, like I gave up on getting food, because it was getting dark. And I was getting worried. And so I stopped this group of two people, and I can't even honestly remember if it was like a man and a woman or two women. But I remember asking them and my best French, like, where am I, I'm going back to this university, like I showed them on the map where I was supposed to be going back to my dorm. And they actually gave me directions. But that I mean, it was a really hard moment. But I think about you know, looking back, like I had this truth in my mind, for if I make a certain amount of right turns, I will get back to where I started. Like, that was my truth that I had had for 18 plus years. Up to that point, literally that day, I thought that that was the truth, because I had never experienced anything differently. And there was an episode, you know, before I talk about sometimes the truth that we tell ourselves are not always the truth. And I learned this huge lesson that day that like, actually, that's not the truth. If you take three, right turns, in a big French metropolitan city, you do not get back to where you started, you get very, very lost. And so I learned that the hard way, and I obviously I got home safe. But I wanted to share this story with you. Because I feel like a lot of times in life, we have these sort of checkboxes for what we need to be doing what we should be doing in our mind, like whether that's for work for getting a certain career, whether that's for life, we we have these things that we deem is like the right turns to make in our lives. You see what I did there, right turn right turn. So, you know, like, we think about, okay, well, if I get the right degree, this will land me in this job. And I will be on the correct path, the right path. If I marry the right person, if I have the right amount of children, if I have the right career, or if I have the right house in the right neighborhood. If I do these right things, or if I do all these things to become a certain type of person, then right, I'm going to be living this way, like it's going to get me to the right place. And I think like so many of us learn that even if we have made all the right turns, even if we have checked the boxes, if we have done all the things that we thought we were supposed to do if we followed the path that we were supposed to follow that actually it doesn't always lead us to the quote, right place at the end. And I'm literally speaking like, I'm getting goosebumps as I speak this because this was a huge lesson that I learned. And I keep going back to for myself. What is right, like, what actually is the right thing. And I think so many times, we don't, we don't stop to think about what actually is right for us. We go off, maybe we you we go off maybe excuse me what we think we should do, according to the life that we want to live in the future, whether that's because of money, or that's because of sort of the social setting we want to see ourselves in, because of the hierarchy of like, who we want to have surrounding us. The types of people the types of places we want to visit or to be surrounded by, we often are influenced by our families and their expectations by our friends. And we're, we're often not in this introspective place, especially as a young person. But even as an older, older adult, like we're not always in these places where we can take the time to be introspective, and to really figure out what is right. For me as an individual what is right for you as an individual. What is it that lights you up that you love to do that makes time fly by that you could keep doing over and over and over again and not get paid to do it? But you just literally can't not do it. That is right like what we ultimately are all seeking what we ultimately are hoping to add more of in our life like to find that spark and to find what sparks you. And that is such an incredibly key thing to know. And that's such an individual thing to know for you. And the only person who can figure that out, of course, is you and is if you take the time to think about and do some digging, and consider where you've been in this past year, like, Who have you been? What have you been doing? Where have you been spending your time? Not only as a whole, like looking back on the last year, but like, even when you get down to the nitty gritty, like, what are you doing every day? What are you doing every week? Are those the things that are important to you? Are those the things that light you up? Or are you just literally doing them because, right, like we get up in the morning, sometimes, and we have to wait, we have to do certain things, we don't have a choice, like we have to go pick up our kids from school. Right, we can't just leave them there, we have to go and figure out how to get groceries, whether you have delivery, like me sometimes. Or if you go physically at the grocery store, like I'm obsessed with Trader Joe's. So I love going to Trader Joe's. But right like we have certain things that we have to do, we have to take our kids to appointments, we have to take ourselves to appointments, we have to, you know show up to work. So whatever those things like are for you, whatever that looks like there are certain things that we do because it's part of our daily routine. And we have no choice. But there are other places in our lives where we do have a choice where we do have a little bit of wiggle room to insert some things that that just bring us a little bit more joy, whether that's sitting down in knitting for 10 minutes, reading a book that you've had on your nightstand for goodness knows how long like for me, I'm finally reading this amazing book by Jamie Kern Lima called believe it, I love it. And whether it's that whether it's signing yourself up for a class next year, that's online, that you can do after your kids are in bed, or whether that's deciding, like, oh my gosh, I'm going to learn by going to youtube, or I'm gonna find a podcast that can share all this information about how to start a podcast, whatever it is, but incorporating those little things. So those are, you know, sort of like the little things that you can incorporate every day. But what I what I want to share with you is that, yes, like we all have these situations where we thought if we make a certain amount of right turns, or do these, right, these actions that we thought would bring us to this place that we would be right there where we want it to be. We did all the things, we got the degree, we got the job and XYZ career. And then whether it's like you got there immediately, and you're like, oh boy, this is not what I thought it was gonna be. This is not what I signed up for. Or maybe you loved it. Like maybe you had such an incredible five years or 10 years in this particular niche or career. And now you're feeling this sense of like, Okay, it's time to shift, it's time to do something new. This felt right. This felt good for a really long time. But this is not feeling lined up with who, who I want to be and who I am now. And you're looking to change things up a little bit. I want to encourage you to think about like, Okay, what does right? What does that mean to you? Like, going into this new year? For me, like, if I'm just thinking back on myself, I have three kids now, like, I've never gone into a new year, having three kids, it blows my mind. Like literally just a few days ago, my husband and I after the kids were in bed, we were like, oh my god, I can't believe oh my gosh, I'm sorry if that offends anyone? Oh my gosh, I can't believe that we have three kids. I mean, how am I old enough to be responsible for three little humans? But we are and so you know, sometimes you get to this place where you don't even know you're ever going to get there. Like I never imagined for myself that I would have three kids, let alone three boys totally rocked my world. If you would have told me a decade ago, two decades ago, that I would have been in this situation I would have been like, Oh no, you are speaking to someone else. You're talking about someone else because that is definitely like not going to happen. I'm definitely going to have a girl and I'm probably going to have exactly two kids. And that's it. So the fact that I have three and they're always in He's like, a little bit mind blowing still. But of course, I love them so much so and I hope they love their mama too. So, you know, with that being said, though, like, what do I want for my next year, like my first year of having these three little precious humans in my life? My husband, who I love who's like, so supportive? What do I want that to look like? Like, what is the right? Like, what is the right thing for me in this next year? And if you would have asked me a year ago, I wouldn't have been able to answer that question in the same way that I can answer it now. And so that's what I want to ask you is a few questions about how can you decide what is right for you, in this next year. And what I highly, highly encourage you to do, if you have not ever taken some time to yourself in the recent in the recent few months, is to do that right after you stop listening to this episode. Or to literally pause right now as you're going through this episode. So you can figure out what is the next right set of moves? What are the next right turns for you in this upcoming year in 2023? So here goes, here are three questions for you to think about in this next year. First question is, what can't you stop doing? So did you hear that it was like a double negative? What can't you stop doing? So like? What is it in your life that you were doing now that you cannot stop doing? Because you've working? love it so much? Like what is it that brings you so much joy, so much fulfillment that makes you feel alive and like so excited that you literally cannot imagine your life without this thing? What is that, that is something that you definitely need to keep doing in your life. And I would encourage you, if it doesn't have a big enough portion of time or space in your life, to figure out how you can add a little bit more of that into your life. So for me, that is honestly podcasting right now, like I love doing this, it really makes me happy. And when I think about not doing it, it really makes me upset, pissed off, and grumpy. Because I just get so much joy from researching all the women who exist out there. Because I'm a Maven, right that my spa archetype is Maven. And so I just like love to learn. I love sharing these incredible women with you and like what they're doing. And I hope that it's opening up your mind, to know what possibilities exist in the world to know that you can do something like this too. And it brings me so much joy to because it's so enlightening. For me, it's like I said at the beginning, you know, it's changed my trajectory of my life, not only because of just like podcasting, and learning to trust my voice a bit more, which I'm still getting good at, like, I'm still not where I would love to be, but I'm getting better at using my own voice. And I'm learning from these women, I'm learning from their stories and what they've achieved. And I'm also rethinking the things that I've thought in the past. And like seeing is that really true? Or like do I need to reexamine that? Or Wow, I've never thought of that. So that is something that for me, I, I want to add more of like I love podcasting. So what is something for you that you can't not do? That is the first question. My second question is, what is something that is an insanely important value for you in your life. And when I talk about values, I want to see if you can get really, really specific care. So a lot of times we say family, or we say finding a job that feels more fulfilling, or we say contributing to my community. Well, those are really, really good values, but they're very broad. So can you drill them down? Like what about family is important to you? And I'll give you an example from my life right now. Because I have you know, a seven month old baby like one of my values is literally I want to spend as much time with With him physically, and also be mentally there like be mentally present with him to be able to get all those adorable like baby coos and cuddles. And you know, I'm nursing him, so to really be able to have that time to be present with him. And that's really important to me to also be able, because I have two older boys four and seven to like, be able to be present with them, and have these pockets of time where I can be really, really in it with them. Like in the moment, even if it's literally five minutes playing a game right now we're playing war all the time, because they're old enough to finally learn some of these games, which is so, so fun. And they get excited about playing them. And I get excited about being able to play games with them. So it's just like such a fun stage. And so I want to make sure that we have these pockets of time with our family, and to be able to really try to pay attention to them. And these like little things, because I already know, you know, it can go so quickly. And I swear after we had our third, it feels like it's going twice as fast as it did after we had my second like I don't know, time is going insanely fast. And that is a huge, huge thing that's like a value right now at this moment in my life. That is so important. I don't want to miss it. And it's really hard. On the flip side, it's really hard being present, because I have all these huge goals like I'm doing this new business, and I want that to grow. And I have this podcast, which I love. And I don't want to stop doing that. And so it's like this very crazy. I don't even know juggling act is the right phrase for it. But it's like this very crazy place to be where I'm very clear on. For one, maybe the few times in my life, I'm very clear on what I want to do. What is important to me, it's a matter of like figuring out how do I do that? Like, how can I get help in order to take the time with my family where I'm spending this quality time, but then also having this other time to do these other things that I love. So that value to me of making sure I have these very specific pockets of time of quality time with my family, and specifically with my baby and my young children is like, so important to me. I'm not going to give that up. And that is something that I want for 2023. So is there something that you are so clear on that is a value for you for this next year? That is so important, like that's going to help you figure out? What is something that's like the right quote, right move for this next year coming up? Because I think it's so important, like, especially when we're at these big places of change in our lives, to feel okay with reevaluating where we're at and figuring out like, Okay, well, this was a focus for last year, the last few years. But now like I'm at this different place in my life, the world has changed and shifted, I've changed. And this is now what is more important to me. This is what feels right at this moment going forward. And I heard this amazing quote, from Suzy more in like She actually gave this advice to Kathy Heller, who I also really love. They're both podcasters and very wise women. But she had given this advice to Kathy Heller. And like I always think of it for myself, and I wanted to share it with you. A lot of the times, I've had like the worst time making decisions, because I always wanted to make the quote, right decision. I didn't want something to fail, I didn't want to, I just put so much pressure on myself to do the right thing. And then sometimes I wouldn't even make a decision because I felt so overwhelmed. Or I would take so much time to do all the research. Because I'm a Maven, I'm really amazing at doing research. I was like one of my jobs was like in higher ed. So I really good at doing research and then I get like overwhelmed and all of the things that I found out and I just don't make a decision. And so what Susie Moore said to Kathy Heller in this conversation, and what Kathy Heller shared out was this incredible advice that like if you're trying to make a hard decision, you like you make a decision and then you make that the right decision like that is the quote right decision moving forward because that's the decision you made you you will make that into the right decision you will figure it out. And so that is something that I wanted to share with you. That's just like this amazing tidbit that sometimes I always think back to what I'm having a really hard time like especially when I'm tired Feeling overwhelmed? I think back on that, like, very brilliant advice. And I'm so appreciative that I heard that. And hopefully that's helpful for you. And then last question, like, when we are trying to be in this place where we're thinking of what we can do in the future and how we want to live, and what that right step is, sometimes, like I said, it can be so overwhelming. If we, if we look at all the details, and we go into all the what ifs, it can be so, so overwhelming. And so I really want to encourage you to ask yourself this question and to like, see what comes up just very quickly for you, and then like to run with that, because sometimes I think that we are, we are really good at rationalizing ourselves out of something or into something based on what other people, what their opinions are, what we think their opinions are going to be or what they're going to think of us what we think we should be doing. But like maybe that's not actually authentic to who we are and what we really want. We aren't really listening to our intuition in these moments. So this third question is like, so important is this Is there a place in your life where you are either procrastinating, or you're avoiding something, whether it's doing something, or like taking a particular action, talking to someone going forward in some sort of project or community, but like, Is there somewhere where you are not doing the thing, or not being someone because of fear. And I want you to really think about that, I think that so many times, we're really good at like, knowing what we want our next step to be, like, what we feel like our next right action is or the next right sort of thing to like, engage in what we want to be. And we don't always take that step, because we're actually holding ourselves back. So many of the times, I feel like it's fear, fear of failure, feel fear of the unknown, fear of what other people are going to say, or to think of us fear of like people who may not understand what we're doing or like, why we're doing it, but I feel like so many times we're avoiding something, or procrastinating on something. And that actually often can lead us to like, the next right thing for us like, because there's a there's a reason, like there's a deep seated reason to why we're too scared to go for it, or why we don't want to put the energy and the time into going for it. There's some sort of block there, in that it's safer to not do it, it's safer, because maybe you don't want to fail at it safer, because maybe you're worried about relationships, that might get changed because of taking that action or that next rate step. It's it's safer, because you might not know who you're going to become on the other end of that right there. Like so many scenarios, but I really want to encourage you, if you especially thought of something immediate, after I posed that question, like I really, really highly encourage you to think about like, what is the reason? Or what are those reasons that I am procrastinating? Like, what are the reasons that you're procrastinating? What is it that is making you avoid or or that has makes you stand still. And really like try to dive into that a little bit with yourself so that you can be in this place where you can take the next right step for you. And I want to also say that these questions like a lot of them can have these really, really big answers. These really, really deep answers and sometimes it can be the complete opposite. They don't have to be deep, right? They don't have to be life changing. So whatever it is for you at this point in your life at the end of 2020 to December, like let it be what it is and for me they are like some really big things that I want to do going into this next year. And if I do what I want to do in 2023, it's really going to rock my world in a way that it's never been rock before. Because I've never been a mom with three children. I've never been an entrepreneur who's had these big goals and dreams, in the way that I do. Now, you know, where I want to go in to do these, like really amazing, energetic high, like high energy, things with groups doing like workshops, and these live events, whether it's on Zoom, or in person here in Phoenix, but like, I just want to bring spark types to everybody's through these corporate events, and also one on one through coaching. And in, I've never done that in the same way, like my baby is going to be older this year, he's not going to be nursing as much, I'm going to be finding childcare and like, it's just going to give me these new opportunities for growth on these new challenges, these new expansions. Like I never pictured myself as an entrepreneur, I never pictured myself having three little boys. So, right like, it's, I mean, 2023, I'm really excited for it. But also, it's a little bit scary. I'm not gonna lie, but I am more excited, luckily, than nervous. So I'm nerve sighted or nervous, I'm not really sure, but you get what I mean. So that is what I want to encourage you is that we make these turns in our life. And we think that we're checking the boxes, we think that we're doing all the right things. And sometimes it does lead us to what we feel like is the right place. For that point in our lives. Sometimes it leads us totally astray. And we don't even know how we got there. We don't know what we want to be when we're growing up, except for the fact that like, it feels like we are grown up. And we should know what we want to be, you know, we have all these sorts of expectations, and pressures, and showed a cut of what is what ifs that we put on ourselves. And I think it's completely normal. I think we all do it. But at the end of the day, we all can choose our own right? Like, what is your right, what feels right for you, going into this next year going into 2023. And so I really want to encourage you to if you haven't, take some time, take a few minutes to go through these questions and just like jot down a sentence or two, and then you can always come back to it. But really think about like, what is going to be the right thing for you starting off 2023. Like, based on what you can't not do. Like that's what excites you. That's what sparks you. So listen to that figure out like, what are the details of that based on what is like this huge value that you have going into 2023 and make sure that you are allowing for that, that you're giving time that you're honoring that? And lastly, what is it that like? Are you avoiding something? are you procrastinating on something? And like, is there? Are there are these bigger things behind that for why? And how can you maybe flip that around or learn from that and go into this next year? Being a little bit more aware of what is that next right thing for you of being a little bit more understanding of where you were at now, and why you were maybe procrastinating or waiting or avoiding that thing, or being that person and like walking into that morn, honoring that, that desire for yourself. And I just hope that this has given you some food for thought, I hope that you enjoyed my story of like getting completely lost because it's funny how it's been half of my lifetime later. Like I literally was 19 when that happened. And I'm 38 now and I still think about that and like the lessons that I can learn. And I hope that this podcast as a whole going into this new year has given you some inspiration has opened your eyes to what is possible, not only for these women, but for you and what you can do going forward. So as always, I'm so so incredibly appreciative of you listening to women with cool jobs. I love to hear from you. Because like right now I'm literally sitting at my desk staring out the window. It's cloudy outside, I have my neighbor's houses across the street. And I'm just like, you know, talk Tina myself into this void of my room. So I love I love hearing from you, sharing how this has impacted your life like sharing your takeaways, sharing what you loved if you have ideas for guests like all those things, honestly, they mean so much, I wouldn't still be doing this two plus years later, if I didn't completely value hearing from you. And if I really didn't feel like hopefully this is contributing in a positive way to your life. So please reach out. I'm on Instagram at women called jobs. I'm at LinkedIn, Julie Berman, and I'm also on my website, you can find me@www.womenwithcooljobs.com. And remember, please, if you want to add more of what sparks you into your life, whether you're not sure, what does spark you, and you need some help to figure out what that is. And to understand how to incorporate more of that into your life. I am doing one on one coaching and I would absolutely be honored to help you. So you can reach out to me in all those ways I mentioned before, if you want to bring this into your company, and form these incredible connections with your co workers through this really fun interactive way using spa archetypes, I would absolutely love to be part of that and do something fun in your organization. So please reach out as well. You can find my information on my website. So take care, everybody, happy, happy, holidays, whatever you're celebrating in whatever way. I wish you safe, fun, amazing holidays with delicious food. And I wish you the most incredibly wonderful new year 2023. And I can't wait to come back in January 2023 with some new incredible guests, some new incredible content. And I'm just so happy to be here in the podcasting world with you. And you can't see me because I'm gesturing and making big motions because I was an ESL teacher and facilitator and all the things. But I'm excited that you are here with me. And thank you as always for listening Truman with coal jobs, it means so much. Here's to the end of 2022 and to an epic beginning of 2023. Hey, everybody, thank you so much for listening to women with cool jobs. I'll be releasing a new episode every two weeks. So make sure you hit that subscribe button. And if you love the show, please give me a five star rating. 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