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Robert Stevenson Teaches Us to Stop Selling and Start Helping - Talent + Talks Episode 14

April 07, 2021 Scott Rivers Season 2 Episode 14
Talent + Talks Podcast
Robert Stevenson Teaches Us to Stop Selling and Start Helping - Talent + Talks Episode 14
Show Notes

From early in my sales career, I always looked for ways to learn and get better at my craft.  I would always find myself at a bookstore getting the latest book on sales, leadership, or general business.  Well, one day I found a book called "How to Soar Like an Eagle in a World Full of Turkeys".  That book's title resonated with me at that time and I bought it immediately.  

20 plus years later, I have the privilege of sitting down with the author of the book and learning from him live... and you get to sit in on the conversation. 

In today's Talent + Talks Podcast, we learn from Robert Stevenson.  Rob provides insight into sales and leadership.   He gives great examples from his past about how he got into speaking and writing books, and he also shows us that his message is just as powerful and useful today as it ever was.  

You can find Rob on LinkedIn where he is an active participant on the platform.  I find that most people that are making waves today in the business world are working very hard to increase their own personal brand awareness on LinkedIn and Rob is no exception.

Highlights from today's podcast:

  • Rob writes the way he speaks and he always wanted to give out information in ways that were easy to digest.  He writes the way he speaks. 
  • Everyone is in sales!  Regardless of your title, YOU are in sales. 
  • Your misfortune can help lead you to great success.  
  • Envision what you want for your future and go do it!
  • Stop selling and START Helping.  The key to your success is CARING for others. 
  • Salespeople should become guides for their clients... even if you don't have what your customer needs.  
  • Preparation is key to success

We also hope to get Rob on one of our upcoming #ClubHouse rooms very soon, so be on the lookout for that very soon.

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