Diary of an Overcomer Podcast

A Teen Mom's Overcomer Story- Steph Fischer

May 31, 2022 Shepherd's Gate Season 2 Episode 5
Diary of an Overcomer Podcast
A Teen Mom's Overcomer Story- Steph Fischer
Show Notes

Stephanie was a teen mom at 16 and a widow at 35, now she is the mother of a goat rodeo, grandma to two and the Delta Area Director of YoungLife. 

In this episode we talk with Steph about the difficulties she faced as a teen mom, she shares with us the hardships of being married to a spouse who became addicted to pain medication and the heartbreak of becoming a widow. 

Through all of the ups and downs she found one thing to be true and she shares that one thing with us, as well as sharing about Young Life and the work they do with students. Come on and meet Steph, you're gonna love her!

Young Life
To find out more go to https://delta.younglife.org

Editor's note: the views and opinions expressed on Diary of an Overcomer are those of the podcast participants and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Shepherd's Gate.  We are also mindful that some of the personal stories featuring the word addict and other terms that some may not identify with. We respect and understand those who choose to use certain terms to express themselves. However, we strive to use language that is health oriented, accurately reflects science, promotes evidence-based treatment and demonstrates respect and compassion.