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Racial Harassment and Inequalities in Medical Education

November 25, 2020 The HippoCampus Podcast Season 2 Episode 2
The HippoCampus Podcast
Racial Harassment and Inequalities in Medical Education
Show Notes

In this episode, we meet with Takunda Nhiwatiwa and Divine Maduka to talk about racial harassment and racial inequalities in medical education. We explore how we all play a part in ensuring inclusivity for all students- in the learning environment and within medical school curricula.

We discuss the “what” and “why” in relation to the BMA Charter for Racial Harassment, the importance of support and ensuring reporting mechanisms for those who experience racial harassment. And also what others  who may witness such behaviours, should do. We ask what is  'active' bystanding- as talk about the opportunities available to get involved with  equality and diversity projects across medical education.

If you are affected by any of the issues discussed in this episode please do see the various sources of support and guidance you can access. We discuss these within the episode and include links within the recommendations below.

Recommendations from the episode:
BMA Charter
Mind the Gap- dermatology on non-white skin resource (free PDF online): by medic Malone Mukwende
Invisible Women: Exposing Data Bias in a World Designed for Men: focuses on data regarding the gender gap separated by different topics - the theme of race is smattered throughout but the Medical chapter

Instagram suggestions-
@melaninmedics  - A registered UK charity promoting diversity in medicine, widening aspirations & aiding career progression for African & Caribbean students & doctors.
@medschool_racism - a platform for elevating healthcare students’ voices, empowering them to share their experiences of racial harassment and seek to educate & inspire changed behaviour

And for inspirational (and educational!) follows!
@dr.fab - Dr Kemi Fabusiwa- makes dermatology accessible but also talks about race in medicine - she did a video on the attainment gap and being black in medicine
@amileya - Dr Amile Inusa - makes loads of easy to understand infographics regarding race and medicine, but also general advice such as finance as a medic, as well as holding conferences and doing podcasts.

Not mentioned in the podcast but also recommended!
@drewomaukeleghe - an inspiring and award wining medical and cosmetic doctor- very inspiring!

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