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The Importance of Sleep: Memories and Slinkys

December 23, 2020 The HippoCampus Podcast Season 2 Episode 5
The HippoCampus Podcast
The Importance of Sleep: Memories and Slinkys
Show Notes

In this episode we are joined again by the lovely Dr Jared Cooney-Horvath, an educational neuroscientist working at the University of Melbourne. Jared's work involves researching the brain, its role in learning and translating what we can find in the research to practical applications for our learning!

This time we focus on sleep and what happens when the lights go off! We delve into the important role sleep plays in consolidating memories and strengthening our learning; the damage we can do by pulling 'all nighters'. We also  explore the science behind the morning lark/night owl, whether we all need those golden "8 hours of  sleep" and what exactly is happening when we dream!?

Recommendations from the episode:
Fringeology (book)
Book recommended by Jared, looking at the 'fringes' of science , including a chapter on lucid dreaming and what it taught us about ourselves and our understanding of the brain.

How Much Sleep Do Teenagers Need (short You Tube video)
From Jared' You Tube channel, 'From Theory to Practice', discussing a research paper  that examines the fundamental linkage between sleep, learning and memory formation! 

Why We Sleep (book)
A fantastic read looking at what we know and understand about the importance of sleep in every aspect of our life!

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