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Perfectionism - the enemy of progress?

January 13, 2021 The HippoCampus Podcast Season 2 Episode 7
The HippoCampus Podcast
Perfectionism - the enemy of progress?
Show Notes

We are joined by  special guest Dr Khalid Karim, a Consultant Psychiatrist and Associate Professor in Medical Education, who also works as an academic support tutor, helping students optimise their approaches to studying.

In this episode we discuss "perfectionism"- a trait that many a student will likely identify with. We explore exactly what it is, what drives it and how it can cause problems . We also explore how perfectionism relates to procrastination and share some TOP TIPS on how to tackle the tendency to 'put things off'...

Recommendations from the episode:
Books recommended by Dr Karim, with great practical tips to tackle procrastionation and 'get things done'
Eat That Frog (Brian Tracy)
Anti-procrastination mindset

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