Without Limits Podcast

Tom Hodgkinson ~ The Elephant Within

February 25, 2022 Marc and Anne-Marie Episode 47
Without Limits Podcast
Tom Hodgkinson ~ The Elephant Within
Show Notes

In this engaging conversation Tom Hodgkinson  will inspire you to explore breaking out to a breakthrough  in a unique way.  Using the metaphor of an elephant, Tom explains how our subconscious mind and social programming could become a barrier to our abundant life and cause us to remain stuck. Through stories and practical examples Tom provides brilliant strategies you can apply immediately to help you live without limits.
Key takeaway ~ By re-programming your mind and learning how the subconscious and the conscious work you will become confident your are not broken or damaged and this is not your final story.

Connect with Tom

Email - tomhodgkinson81@gmail.com
Website - www.re-evolution.org 
YouTube - Re-Evolution Mind-Body

BIO ~ Tom learned the hard way that you can be physically fit and confident yet still bite off more than you can chew. He struggled with burnout and anxiety which lead to losing his job just over a decade ago... He got another job.. And then, the cycle happened again! 

This led to a fascination with the mind-body and the subconscious which has huge impacts on the direction of peoples lives and he has adopted a holistic approach to help people who feel "stuck" and "lost" and likes to help them go from stressed to soaring in their lives!