Without Limits Podcast

Dr. Katie Nall ~ Dissolving W.A.F.F.L.E.S

October 26, 2020 Marc and Anne-Marie Episode 17
Without Limits Podcast
Dr. Katie Nall ~ Dissolving W.A.F.F.L.E.S
Show Notes

This episode we invite you to listen to our fun and insightful conversation with Dr. Katie Nall. Dr. Nall is a mathematician who shares with us a technique that has helped her students and clients dissolve their WAFFLES (tm).  She walks us through the emotional freedom technique (EFT)  in which she is a certified practitioner.  What are WAFFLES? and How can you dissolve them?  pull up to the table as Katie shows us.

A little bit about our amazing guest ~ Katie Nall, Ph.D.

TEDx Speaker https://hi.switchy.io/NoMoreFear

Mathematician Who Helps Others Figure Things Out

Founder, Emotions Gym

Check out FB Group:

Professional Member, National Speakers Association

Advanced Certified Practitioner, Emotional Freedom Technique

Certified DISC Instructor

NallEdge Co. - 'A Little Knowledge for a BIG Change!'

Email: [email protected]
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Call:   772-480-0541 (EST)Mail:  P. O. Box 5325; Vero Beach, FL 32961-5325

 "Shower Blessings: Finding Meditation Time in a Busy Life"

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