Without Limits Podcast

Patti Smith ~ From Pushover to Powerhouse

February 22, 2021 Marc and Anne-Marie
Without Limits Podcast
Patti Smith ~ From Pushover to Powerhouse
Show Notes

We are thrilled to have  the practical mystic Patti Smith in the studio with us.  We discuss some of the limits that can be placed on us starting from an early age. These limits can lead to a personal sense of powerlessness and keep us back from entering into and releasing the gifts and potentials we all have. Listen as Patti shows the way how to open the door that appears to be closed to you now and move you from being pushover to being a powerhouse to live in abundance.

Contact Patti:
Email is patti@yourdreamgenie.ca
Website is https://yourdreamgenie.ca
Facebook pages are Patti Smith's Personal FB Page; Your Dream Genie FB Page;
LinkedIn page is Patti Smith on LinkedIn

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About Patti
Patti Smith is a Life and Business Success Coach and Dreamwork Facilitator
and is the owner of Your Dream Genie.

Those who have worked with Patti think of her as a Practical Mystic who is,
as one client said, a “modern mix of Cosmic Brilliance and Practical Business Woman”. 
Her 30 years in Human Resources, coupled with 5 decades of life coaching, give her
the perfect blend of skills to support her clients’ clarity, growth and success.

She is a passionate champion for women entrepreneurs, who knows that the old male
paradigm of business just doesn’t cut it for those who work from their hearts and souls.

Integrating practical business systems and strategies with intuitive guidance, Patti’s programs
and private coaching give her clients the deep understanding and tools they need in order to
eliminate the limiting beliefs, attitudes and behaviors they have been conditioned with since
childhood. This frees them to design and run ‘Conscious’ businesses that create wealth and
impact today and leave a legacy for tomorrow.

Patti is a #1 Amazon Best-Selling author and sought after speaker who has appeared on
television and internet radio as well as speaking from the stage and running her own live
events and retreats.

Patti lives with her husband Paul and their Jack Russell Terrier, Sheba, in Barrie, Ontario, Canada.