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Cindy Little ~ Prepare....Live Life. A Story of Perseverance.

March 23, 2021 Marc and Anne-Marie Episode 37
Without Limits Podcast
Cindy Little ~ Prepare....Live Life. A Story of Perseverance.
Show Notes

We are thrilled to have Cindy Little in the studio as she shares her valuable lessons on perseverance. Cindy learned early on the value of perseverance as she pursued  a career in the military with a special desire to jump out of planes. During a training jump she found her parachute  tangled with another jumper their parachutes fortunately came free very close to the ground and they both miraculously survived. The early military lessons carried over into other areas of her life from owning a gym and being a very successful network marketer. Sit back and enjoy this incredible conversation with Cindy Little and be inspired to persevere in an area that to this point might be keeping you from a living a life without limits.

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CEO Health2Wealth Inc

Podcast Host of "A Healthier You -Little by Little”-https://www.buzzsprout.com/1626916

My Story as Told by Cindy - I always thought that a military career was what I was meant to do. I wanted nothing more than to travel the world, jump out of military planes, and live a gung ho life. My eyesight was so poor that I could not be an infantry woman, I would have been one of the first back in 1989,  so I opted for being a Medic as I could still be deployed on UN tours and jump out of planes. Meeting the man of my dreams at age 23 pivoted me from that career and I voluntarily released at age 25 to become a personal trainer. My next dream was to own my own gym. I did end up doing that and then another pivot point came when I was introduced to the nutrition company I partnered with close to 14 yrs ago. It allowed me to take my business to a global level rather than just community based and enabled me time freedom and travel freedom to do an online business anywhere in the world. 

I learned-that it was ok to listen to my intuition, take risks and pivot into different paths over the years while still maintaining my passion to help others with health. From military medic, to personal trainer to professional network marketer with a wellness company has led me to live a fulfilled life where I can continue to help others with their health goals and encourage them to dream again about what is important to them. Our motto is “prepare…live life”