Retire There with Gil & Gene

E94 Retire in Knoxville, Tennessee

July 23, 2022 Gil & Gene with Jim Santos Season 1 Episode 94
Retire There with Gil & Gene
E94 Retire in Knoxville, Tennessee
Show Notes

Jim and Rita Santos retired to Ecuador and loved it but missed their 9 grandchildren back in the U.S. When searching for a home in the States, they wanted a mild winter climate, great healthcare, a good airport and scenic hiking trails. Knoxville, Tennessee checked all the boxes. Learn more about Knoxville, The Marble City, on Episode 94 of Retire There with Gil & Gene.

For Jim’s life as an author, traveler and voice over artist, visit his website. Jim Santos’ books include:

Living Abroad: Challenging the Myths of Expat Life

Hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu (Travels with Jim and Rita)

The Galapagos Islands: On Your Own and On a Budget (Travels with Jim and Rita)

An Uphill Climb: Survivor’s Guilt and the Inca Trail

Moving Overseas: Ship or Mule? (Travels with Jim and Rita)

My Struggles with Stage Fright

First Tango in Buenos Argentina (Travels with Jim and Rita)

Three views of LIma Peru (Travels with Jim and Rita)

Love Never Dies

Foolish Mortals

The Body Remembers: A Baseball Story

Jim’s articles in International Living Magazine, are available here

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