Plume: A Writer's Podcast

Season 2, Episode 14: A Plume Collage of Voices

November 23, 2021 Melanie Unruh & Samantha Tetangco Season 2 Episode 14
Plume: A Writer's Podcast
Season 2, Episode 14: A Plume Collage of Voices
Show Notes

We can’t believe we’ve just completed the second season of our podcast. We have enjoyed this beautiful, encouraging, supportive ride, and are excited to offer up our season 2 finale.

In this episode, we’ll break from our usual roundtable format. We thought, what better way is there to end the year than to include in this final episode as many voices from our Plume community as possible? The result is a beautiful range of poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction from 15 of this season’s featured writers, roundtable participants, and members of our Plume community. This time of year is one for reflection and gratitude, and we are beyond thankful for how this wonderful community has continued to come together and grow in 2021. 

We hope you enjoy it, and we look forward to bringing you new episodes next year!

CW: sexual assault, death, grief, suicide, cutting, mental illness, Covid-19 

Writers sharing their work, in order of appearance (reverse alphabetical order):

  • Elsa Valmadiano – “Diwata” (poetry), originally appeared in NOMBONO: An Anthology of Speculative Poetry by BIPOC Creators
  • Melanie Unruh – excerpt from essay-in-progress titled “Natalie” (nonfiction)
  • Samantha Tetangco – excerpt from the novel-in-progress titled Bug (fiction)
  • Cynthia Sylvester - “The Monsters of Cherry Street.” (fiction), originally appeared in ABQ in Print
  • Dawn Sperber – “Inoculation” (fiction), originally appeared in Daily Science Fiction (
  • Suzanne Richardson – “I Was Thinking About the Ocean” (poetry), originally appeared in dialogist ( )
  • Rhea Ramakrishnan – “One Line Play” (poetry)
  • Cynthia Patton – “House of Sea and Sky” (poetry)
  • Cassie McClure – “To See It All” (nonfiction), originally appeared in McClure’s column, My So-Called Millenial Life (
  • Nari Kirk – “Jenn” (nonfiction), originally appeared in October 2021’s Digital Plume.
  • Julia Halprin Jackson – “Soloist” originally appeared in Fiction 365 ( (fiction)
  • Brenna Gomez – Excerpt from “Sienna” (fiction) 
  • Jameela F. Dallis – ekphrastic poems “What is Holy,” “A Tangle of Desire,” & “Clay Lungs Obscure Intimacy” (poetry) 
  • Marlena Chertock – “Dayenu, Hebrew for ‘It would have been enough’,” “Where the Quiet Queers Are,” which was originally shown in a gallery in Brussels called Lesbian Now, & “Nasty Beauty,” which originally appeared in Lesbians are Miracles Magazine (poetry) 
  • Arlaina Ash – excerpt from hermit crab essay, “Annotating the DSM 5 Entry on Schizoaffective Disorder” (nonfiction)