Therapy For Your Money

Episode 80: 4 Ways to Provide Accessible Care (with Vanessa Newton)

November 11, 2022 Julie Herres Season 3 Episode 80
Therapy For Your Money
Episode 80: 4 Ways to Provide Accessible Care (with Vanessa Newton)
Show Notes

This week's episode is all about unique strategies you can implement into your private practice in order to provide more accessible care within your community! Julie's sitting down with Vanessa Newton of Colors of Austin Counseling Group and Brave and Well to chat about the many ways she has expanded her outreach and accessibility within her own community.

Vanessa Newton, LCSW-S is a first generation Latina and Entrepreneur. She is the Owner and Founder of Colors of Austin Counseling, a group practice in Austin, TX that provides mental health services to clients in the state of Texas. She also created Brave and Well as a community for therapists seeking to launch or expand their private practice and believes in supporting clinicians in building businesses that are sustainable, profitable, and value-aligned. She has spent over a decade working with teens, survivors of trauma, LatinX women and communities of culture. Her training in EMDR and the curriculum of Brené Brown has helped transform the way clients heal. She believes in removing barriers of access to mental health treatment for all and uplifting the future generation of therapists so that together we can decolonize mental health and business.


  • What are 4 ways that practice owners can provide more accessible care to their communities?
    • Accepting insurance
    • Capping sliding scales
    • Partnering with organizations and non-profits
    • Offering groups and workshops
  • Accepting Insurance
    • By becoming paneled with multiple insurances, you open the door to clients who many not be able to afford out-of-pocket sessions
  • Capping Sliding Scales
    • Creating a policy within your practice ensures that your clinicians are taken care of and your clients still have access to services
    • You can cap sliding scale rates as well as the number of sliding scale spots that each clinician can offer
  • Partnering with Organizations
    • Consistency is key when searching for partnerships that align with your values and can target your ideal client
    • Some non-profits can create grants to help members of the community to receive services through your practice, which allows them to service the community and also help you grow your business
  • Offering Groups and Workshops
    • Being able to offer groups and workshops can allow clients to gain access to services they otherwise may not be able to afford

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