Therapy For Your Money

Episode 87: Own Your CEO Status & Hire Your Ride or Die Team (with Brandy Mabra)

January 28, 2023 Julie Herres Season 3 Episode 87
Therapy For Your Money
Episode 87: Own Your CEO Status & Hire Your Ride or Die Team (with Brandy Mabra)
Show Notes

As a business owner, there can be a lot of hoops and hurdles you have to jump through to run a successful business... It's time to change that mindset by owning your CEO status and learning how hiring and delegation can be used as powerful tools to build your dream practice. Julie's chatting with Brandy Mabra of Savvy Clover about how your money mindset and role as the CEO of your practice can help you grow your dream team.

Brandy Mabra is the CEO of Savvy Clover Coaching & Consulting and a CEO Coach for private practice owners in healthcare. She has 15+ years of business management and leadership experience, where she has worked in diverse business climates and has turned hot mess practices into well oiled and profitable machines. Brandy has spent her career building, growing and leading multi-million dollar practices and now uses her skill set to help other women private practice owners to scale their practices for growth, sustainability and profit. She has a bachelors from The Ohio State University and a Masters in Health Administration from A.T. Still University. She is also a Certified Professional Coach and Master Energy Leadership Practitioner, receiving her credentials from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). Brandy was part of the 2022 Forbes Coaches Council, and is a part of Entrepreneur Leadership Network. She has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, Entrepreneur, PopSugar, Create & Cultivate and several well known podcasts. She is the founder of Private Practice CEO™ - the CEO school for private practice owners -  which empowers her clients to own their CEO status as the leader of their business so they can have a practice with streamline operations and an engaged team that can run without them. Brandy loves to travel and spend time with her family. She believes you cannot build a business on fumes and CEO breaks are required.


  • Your CEO Status & Money Mindset Correlation
    • When you take hold of your role as the CEO, it’s important to focus on the overall vision you have for the business in order to determine what your budget will look like and the financial metrics you need to track in order to achieve said goals 
    • It can be easy to fall into the “worker bee” role and focus on small, daily tasks that are productive but don’t necessarily push the business forward
  • Tips For Refocusing Your Role
    • Sit down and figure out your end game! From there, build actionable tasks to drive yourself to your goal within a reasonable time frame
  • What might be holding you back?
    • If you're in the weeds with billing, scheduling, following up with clients, providing customer service, etc. - it's time to outsource/hire/delegate!
    • While all of those tasks are important for running a successful business, your time is better spent focusing on the bigger picture

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