Therapy For Your Money

Episode 88: Financial Imposter Syndrome

February 03, 2023 Julie Herres Season 3 Episode 88
Therapy For Your Money
Episode 88: Financial Imposter Syndrome
Show Notes

If you've ever had a feeling of doubt that you deserve to have a successful practice  after all the hard work you've put into running your business, you may be experiencing Imposter Syndrome. Today, Julie's chatting about how Imposter Syndrome may affect your finances and a few tips for how to combat it!

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  • What is Imposter Syndrome?
    • A feeling of self-doubt that your success has been legitimately earned or achieved through your own hard work - people who struggle with imposter syndrome cannot internalize/recognize their own success
    • Imposter Syndrome usually leads to burnout, anxiety, and ultimately quitting
    • It most commonly happens in small practices that experience rapid, successful growth - the owner is not used to such a large influx of money and feels they haven't put in enough hard work to have earned it
  • How can you beat Imposter Syndrome?
    • Celebrate your small wins
    • Give yourself permission to sit down once a week/month and take a look at your numbers and budget to ensure you are on track, then give yourself a pat on the back when you've been successful!
    • Don't be too hard on yourself to make a mistake! Mistakes can be fixed and you can always re-tackle the problem tomorrow from a different angle.
    • Recognize and celebrate when you achieve milestones in your practice

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