Therapy For Your Money

Episode 97: Perfectionism & Money (with Linzy Bonham)

April 14, 2023 Julie Herres Season 3 Episode 97
Therapy For Your Money
Episode 97: Perfectionism & Money (with Linzy Bonham)
Show Notes

We all know that achieving "perfection" is a very unrealistic goal in our day-to-day lives! When it comes to managing your finances, we understand how the pressure of being "perfect" may lead to avoidance, which ultimately only makes the state of things worse. Today, Julie's chatting with one of our favorite guests, Linzy Bonham, about how the pressure of financial "perfection" can lead to burnout and procrastination.

Linzy Bonham is a therapist in private practice, a consultant who helps therapists feel calm and in control of their finances, and the creator of the Money Skills for Therapists course. As the daughter of an accountant, Linzy inherited a good dose of bookkeeping brain. She's half therapist, half bookkeeper! So when she went into private practice, she dug right into all the ways to build a healthy business that pays for her life and always has extra money in the bank. Now Linzy helps therapists develop peace of mind about their money. Since so many therapists were never taught about money, she focuses on the 'how' of making the financial side of private practice doable, and even super satisfying!

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  • "Perfection" leads to procrastination
    • Being "perfect" is often equated to being "good", but when you aren't tackling your financial issues head on, they can end up much worse than if you would tackle the problem from the get-go
    • The fear of failing often puts a further strain on budgeting, paying off debt, and organizing your financial life
  • Don't fall victim to the "ostrich-effect"
    • Putting your head in the sand doesn't get rid of the problem!
    • You'll end up even more vulnerable and even more stressed
  • Do what you can in bite-sized pieces
    • Tackling a problem in stages can make the overall problem a lot less intimidating
    • Celebrate the small wins along the way! Even taking the first step and setting up your budget, looking at financial statements, or paying a minimum payment on a credit card should be celebrated as a step in the right direction
    • If you're really not sure where to start, reach out to a professional and they can point you in the right direction and help you solve the problem you're facing

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