Therapy For Your Money

Episode 101: How to Add Interns to Your Private Practice (with Tara Sanderson)

May 12, 2023 Julie Herres Season 3 Episode 101
Therapy For Your Money
Episode 101: How to Add Interns to Your Private Practice (with Tara Sanderson)
Show Notes

 Growing your private practice doesn't mean you have to immediately bring on new clinicians, buy a building, and hire a whole administrative team - You could start by simply hiring interns! To give us some insight on the ins and outs of adding interns into your practice, Julie is joined by Dr. Tara Sanderson.

Dr. Tara Sanderson is a Licensed Psychologist in Oregon, owner of a group practice, a clinical supervisor for residents and associates, and an author. She is also the creator of How to Have Interns in Your Practice, a comprehensive online platform that teaches practice owners the basics of adding interns to their businesses. As a clinician, she loves work with and talking about anxiety, OCD, perfectionism, and burnout. As a trainer and supervisor, Dr. Tara's heart lays in training up and empowering interns and pre-licensed professionals. 


  • It is very common for practice owners to want to invest time into training clinicians who will eventually become full-time members of their practice, rather than provide supervision to new graduates who are interested in pursing an independent practice of their own
  • When you build your budget for your business, include the costs associated with taking on interns (technology fees, administrative hours, etc.) but don't include the income brought in by the interns. This will ensure that your practice can afford to invest in supervision, and remain afloat while taking on the additional costs.
  • If you're interested in welcoming interns into your practice, start by ensuring you are compliant with all state regulations, as well as any requirements required of insurance companies you are paneled with for billing purposes

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