Two Friends Talk History

Polybius' Histories with Elke Close

January 06, 2023 An ArchaeoArtist Production Season 3 Episode 30
Two Friends Talk History
Polybius' Histories with Elke Close
Show Notes

In this episode, Zofia interviews Dr Elke Close about Polybius, the Achaean statesman, teacher, and historian from the Hellenistic period. Polybius was active in Megalopolis at the tail end of the period of Greek independence following the wars of the Hellenistic kings and the rise of the Roman empire. 

Elke discusses the social context and political realities that Polybius faced while held in Rome as a hostage, which, fortunately, he lodged with the famous Cornelii Scipiones family. From his position among one of Rome’s most prominent families, Polybius rode shotgun on several watershed moments of the Republic. 

If you would like to find out more from Dr Close, you can follow her Hellenistic History project:
Website: Hellenistic History
Twitter @HellenisticHist
@drawingancienthistory  and @hellenistichistory

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Music by the wonderfully talented Chris Sharples
Illustration by Zofia Guertin

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