Two Friends Talk History

Tyranny in Antiquity with Sam Ellis

March 31, 2023 An ArchaeoArtist Production Season 3 Episode 33
Two Friends Talk History
Tyranny in Antiquity with Sam Ellis
Show Notes

In this week's episode of Two Friends Talk History, Zofia is joined by Dr Sam Ellis, an expert in the language of tyranny in antiquity and the study of monocratic power in the Greek polis from the Archaic to the Hellenistic period.  We explore how the language used to frame the actions of sole rulers has created a construct of 'tyrant' that remains with us today.

 For a suggested reading list and more information, please check out my website for a blog post on this episode and more resources.

You can get in touch with Dr Ellis on the Universität Mannheim website here,  or you can follow him on Sam is also on Instagram & Twitter @SamEllis1993. Seriously, check out his Instagram. The photos are stunning.

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Music by the wonderfully talented Chris Sharples
Illustration by Zofia Guertin

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