Two Friends Talk History

Classical Reception P.1 with Briana King

August 23, 2023 Dr Briana King Season 3 Episode 36
Two Friends Talk History
Classical Reception P.1 with Briana King
Show Notes

In this week's episode,  flips the script and am interviewed by returning guest, Dr Briana King. This episode will be part one of an ongoing look at how the ancient world is used in different media today!

I discuss with Dr King the history of “Classics” and what we mean when we discuss classical reception. Our first conversation is meant to lay down the foundational context for understanding what it means when classical images and stories are incorporated into modern media through books, music, film, and more. 

I will explore the history of the transmission of the ‘Classical Past’ into the  Renaissance and Enlightenment periods, with a special focus on the art of Empire of Jacques-Louis David, and Neo-Classical Edinburgh and its architectural legacy of appropriating the past to project a colonial future of the British Empire.   

To follow Dr King's academic work, check out her page on Academia.Edu.

My chapter in the Palgrave Macmillan volume, Comics, and Archaeology:

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