Two Friends Talk History

Athletics and Honour with Giorgos Mouratidis

October 04, 2023 Dr Georgios Mouraditis Season 3 Episode 37
Two Friends Talk History
Athletics and Honour with Giorgos Mouratidis
Show Notes

In this episode, I conduct an in-person interview with the Assistant Director of the British School at Athens, Dr Giorgos Mouraditis. Giorgos' research focuses on athletic self-representation in inscriptions from the Hellenistic and Imperial periods.  

Listeners will be familiar with the British School of Athens from the last episode when I met with its Director, Professor Rebecca Sweetman, to discuss the exciting public engagement work that the institute is working on.  I returned to the BSA for a short visit in May of this year during the fieldwork I am conducting for my thesis chapter in Greece. I thought it might be fun to throw my mic in my rucksack and do some field interviews while I am on the road!

Giorgos' upcoming project, ‘Athletics and Paideia’ investigates the role of monuments in preserving and the diffusion of knowledge about Hellenic culture and civic education. Giorgos has an upcoming publication that explores Money and Honour in athletics this autumn, and a chapter in a forthcoming volume on Paideia and Performance (2023).

You can follow Dr Mouraditis on Twitter @Giorgos_m776 and Instagram @Giorgos.m776. If you would like to find out more about what is going on at the British School at Athens, you can check out their website,, or linktree .
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If you would like to apply to the BSA for ‘Communicating Archaeology: knowledge exchange, impact, and public engagement', apply here:

This course will be aimed at PG students or professionals looking to gain hands on experience communicating archaeology to public audiences. This is a brand new programme, with exciting seminars and speakers planned including the fabulous Classicist and award-winning author, Natalie Haynes, journalists, heritage practitioners, and me, podcast and graphic art nerd, Zofia!
The deadline for application is October 30th  2023.

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