Two Friends Talk History

Vampires in Antiquity with Ambra Ghiringhelli

December 03, 2021 An ArchaeoArtist Production Season 2 Episode 26
Two Friends Talk History
Vampires in Antiquity with Ambra Ghiringhelli
Show Notes

In this weeks' episode, Zofia is joined by classical scholar and vampire fang-atic, doctoral candidate at the University of Edinburgh, Ambra Ghiringhelli. 

Getting to the heart of the vampires in antiquity and in the archaeological record, we shine light in the darkest of spooky places where these immortal bloodsuckers have haunted our imaginations and cemeteries alike. 

We hope you enjoy the final interview of a three-part journey into monsters that went bump in the night and how they remain relevant in the modern world. 
 Tangents include the medieval village of Wharram Percy, the plague, Supernatural, and young adult vampire stories.

If you would like to hear more from Ambra, you can follow her on Twitter @AmbraAllison

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