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Creating High-Ticket Offers In Socially Responsible Ways With Chris Williams

April 23, 2021 Josh Tapp
The Lucky Titan
Creating High-Ticket Offers In Socially Responsible Ways With Chris Williams
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Chris Williams has over 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship, for-profit leadership, and socially responsible market engagement. He has helped creative agencies build wealth and agency owners develop innovative winning strategies. His expertise includes lead generation, creative team building and allowing owners to focus on what they do best. Apart from leading his own agency, Chris hosts a private mastermind for creative agency owners looking to scale and optimize their businesses, as well as one on launching a successful mastermind group in 8-weeks or less.

Josh: What us up everybody, Josh Tapp here again and welcome back to the lucky Titan and today we're here with Chris Williams and I've been thinking about the intro for Chris for a little bit because him and I become friends. He's actually now coaching me as well this guy just he really knows what it takes to build a hyper profitable mastermind and for those of you who've been following me for any amount of time, that's something we're very heavily invested in is building masterminds really just gathering people and putting them into the right place. So, Chris, I'm excited to talk today about this because this guy has actually done, he's running a very successful mastermind business in what, like, two to four hours a week, something ridiculous. He's live in the four hour workweek. So Chris, say what's up to everybody irst off, and we'll hop in,

Chris: Josh, man, thanks again for having me, I was just saying to Josh, before we jumped on the interview, and I just freaking love podcast interviews, because I block out two sections a week to do to integrate the two interviews a week, you know, they just booked them out, you know, and, and interviews are so fun, because you don't have to think about what you're going to do I get to show up and not lead oh my gosh, I love leading a mastermind oh, you're wrong. But you get to show up and just answer questions. It's so relaxing and fun so is the last thing on my calendar today dude, let's just chill and have fun.

Josh: Yeah, saying guys, it's only two o'clock. So and he probably woke up an hour ago. Right? Just kidding, Chris. So yeah, that's awesome and I agree. The reason I love the interviews for this reason and podcast is because it's not about preparation has everything to do with like, let's just have a good conversation and the best stuff comes out of it most of the time 

Chris: so true

Josh: Let's I just want you to walk through first riff a little bit about the mastermind process and how you're helping people to scale masterminds.

Chris: Yeah. So here's the here's the kind of the, the soup and nuts of it, I got into teaching how to build a mastermind accidentally, I think that's kind of the case, a lot of entrepreneurial ventures, they just happen to you, right? You work, work, work, and then all sudden just happens so I run a digital agency that brands and builds prospecting models for high ticket surgeons okay. That's completely off brand for this conversation, I read the four hour workweek about seven or eight years ago, and I stopped working 14 hour days and started working maybe less than an hour a week in that agency now. People started asking me, how do you do that Chris? How do you build an effective agency? That is what sprung me into leading a mastermind, I started teaching people how to do what I knew how to do, I had figured something out others wanted that and so I started taking 15 people at a time through a process of learning how to build a digital marketing agency, in fact, and then, what happened next, totally shocked me because about half the people more than half people that I would take that process that are digital marketing experts building an agency. They're like, Chris, we like watching you do the mastermind thing. Can you show us how to build a mastermind, I was like, no freakin way. The next, the next iteration of the product is building a mastermind to teach people how to build a mastermind. It's a circle, I love that. So yeah. Now I have the digital agency have a mastermind that teach people how to build an effective digital agency model and have a mastermind that teach people how to build masterminds funny actually,

Josh: the funny thing about this, and this is where Chris and I hit it off, became like, that has literally been my journey as well. It's like you started an agency contract well, I've got to provide a living for my family, don't work for somebody, I'm gonna start my own my own business, then you figure it out and then people start asking you how did you do that, and you're like, I don't really know, let me figure it out. I'll make a course in a program around it. So and I love the progression of this out of your story, especially Chris, because it really shifted from growth to contribution, right? You went from, hey, I'm going to grow as fast as I can and now I want to give back and what people don't realize, in a lot of cases, they feel like they have to go from growth to philanthropy, right? It's Oh, you immediately have to go to where you're like, start a nonprofit or something but what you're talking about is like, let's create a setting where you're still very hyper profitable, you're making a lot of money, but you're, you're actually helping somebody giving back in a way that's what I love about the mastermind model is it's just teaching what you know, you're only a step ahead of the next person, right?

Chris: That's so true and, and, you know, there was a little step in there that I didn't mention Josh and it's, it's the piece where, when I learned how to do what I did in my agency, I actually tried to build an E course and going back to this just adding value and doing the right thing for people. I think I'm a pretty ok guy but I was built, I tried five different e commerce models, I tried to build and launch an E course five times over $100,000 in ad spend all the funnels, you know, we've all been there, got this great idea, build the content, try to launch it, and I completely failed and, and then somebody at high ticket mastermind that I was involved in, pulled me aside and said, Dude, you need to teach a mastermind forget this e-course thing. I was like, No, no, I was learning, I got like, no, you're doing it backwards, you're, you're trying to convince people that you know what they need, that you need to just get out there and listen, and find out what they need, and then teach them live get paid while you're doing it, then you can record all of that and turned into an E course and we've done that as well, it works. But it, it was the organic relationships doing it live, that actually made the whole thing work, because I could give in real time, not in a vacuum that's, it's so different. You know, it's, it's actually really, I want to say meaningful to me, like, I feel really good about this and that's, that's different.

Josh: Right yeah. Honestly, I mean, I really think what it comes down to is, it's, it's an opportunity for you to actually get on somebody's level, because I've done the same thing, right, we had like 42 different courses at one point, covering tons of different topics, varying price levels and the reality was that all of them, you brought in a little bit of money, but what I was seeing as people would come to my programs and not see a lot of success, right and I'm like, man, maybe I just suck at teaching or what have you but when we when, you know, we ended up meeting and I'd already been running masterminds and things like that I had found that we, our customers would get such a higher level of results, if I could just give them a little bit of my time and that didn't mean I had to meet with them individually, one on one all the time but when the group coaching setting or the mastermind setting came into play, it gave me the opportunity to get on their level and then there are so many other benefits of it outside of that, but so I love that love that part of your story so let's walk through a little bit about the process that you're teaching, because what you've been coaching me and as well, right, it's, it's kind of like an eight week mastermind, or is an eight or nine. It's a eight step mastermind process and I love it because for a lot of you literally if you just did this process, you'd come out the other end of this was a six figure income, which for many of you would be further than you've ever made it online so walk us through that process, Chris?

Chris: Yeah, so eight weeks long and here's why it's eight, we, when we started building out our first mastermind, it took me I think seven weeks to close my first six or seven people into our first mastermind so it was about seven weeks there and then we started teaching other people how to build masterminds and I realized, you know, eight weeks is kind of the, the timeframe, it takes the average person, maybe we were a little faster than average, I don't know the first four weeks, though, Josh, are all about figuring out who you want to help, what kind of help you want to give them and then learning how to attract those people make an offer and sell it half of our program the first half is all about just attraction, and selling people think that having a mastermind is all about creating content, and having a membership site and doing the teaching, we talked for two weeks about that, because it's not that big a deal the prospecting selling part actually tells you what your content should be people fail, the people who fail in our program are the ones who build the content and try to sell it you got to prospect and listen and sell whatever it is they it's, it's weird, they'll say you could be in a group and build up an audience of people who are in real estate, let's say and they want to figure out how to do more selling online using video. Cool, that's fun but it's all going to come back down to like prospecting and lead gen for those people you think it's a video course it's not, they're going to talk about video for five minutes, and they're going to talk about lead gen, it's going to be something you don't see coming but something you know how to crack the code on and that's what actually transforms people is listening and helping them really are.

Josh: Yeah, I love love. Love that because when we first started our, our, the Pantheon, right, so one of our big masterminds that we run and what we found was that I had done this course of things that I had kind of been hearing in the market, I've worked with enough clients to know that my keys are the basic things they wanted but we were having a hard time selling it at first and what kind of opened the gates for us is when we started to just listen what they wanted and give it to them, right change the course and I have changed that program 15 different times, right, knocked out an entire module with multiple lessons and then replaced it with another thing because I'm like, we can just touch on that they already kind of understand that but they really don't understand this piece, which naturally came to me naturally but apparently it was something that everybody else in our sense, so that needed to be put into the module into the course so yeah, I love that. 

Chris: And I was so scared when I first started my first mastermind and then pivoting to teaching people how to build masterminds. Originally, I was so scared because I thought there's no way I know enough, there's no way that what I know is actually what they need to transform but that's so not true what, what each of you know, right now hanging out with with us is that you have already cracked the code on different pieces of your life, whatever that is. There's, you used to didn't know that stuff, and it was painful, and then you fixed it. People want a faster way to get that fixed and to get it done and so just teach them that, and they will love you for it, and it will actually change their lives and get paid while you're doing it. What a crazy idea.

Josh: You can get paid to do what people actually need. No, see what's so cool about that model to what I just have to hide this point, because I met a guy the other day, and he was telling me he's like, the best way to build a program is to look at what you used to spend dozens of hours researching on YouTube, that now you can literally knock out two minutes, if you can figure out what those few things are there's a program in there, like there's something that you can sell in there, because people will pay you to shortcut the dozens of hours of research that you did to just watch you and consume your content and I love absolutely as your methodology put into words, I'm like, yep, that's, that's Chris.

Chris: It's true. Okay, so if you're this is, is gonna sound like a pitch, it's not a pitch. If you're struggling right now, with, I've got this stuff in my head, I'm not sure it's the right thing my market wants, or I've tried to build content and sell that in the marketplace, I tried to take my information, my know how, and get it out there and I just not getting any attraction. Build a mastermind, because it allows you real time getting paid while you're getting real feedback in an organic way, Josh, you know this, I've never run a single ad to our mastermind programs, none of them. We it's all organic, because the organic piece is what teaches you exactly what the market needs but it's very easy to do and, and people get tangled up trying to think of it in your own mind when all you got to do is not go out and poll the audience don't, don't send polls on Facebook. Just go out and build friendships and tell them what you're doing and say how can I help? They will the next reply back in the message feed will be exactly what you want to teach on, they'll they'll tell you, you want to ask him I just tell you how can I help? Oh, I struggle getting leads okay. Let's jump on a call and talk about that 

Josh: and this is how I got on the call with you. So that's what I do. 

Chris: It's just relationships, right? 

Josh: See what initially and all of you know this No, listen to this. I'm a huge advocate of hiring coaches doing group coaching programs or hiring one on one coaches and the reason why is because I know they can shortcut the process for me, and a lot of people in the path that I was telling about joining Chris's program like Well, isn't that what you teach? Like? Yes. But it's like, it's another method for us right so we talked about lead generation, I'm not just gonna say, Oh, well, he does lead generation, I don't want to I don't want to work with him, right. It's a whole different type of lead generation, an extra layer that we can add into ours to shortcut the process and I've done the same thing for other people in their programs where we come in, we shortcut their process, and it's just, for me, it's been joining these programs has been what really has helped me to, to shortcut the process but b I'm getting in circles of people who are hugely influential and they're the type of people that 99 times out of 10, they're actually your ideal clients when you go join these groups that's the beautiful value of it.

Chris: really true, I've got several friends who are just in high ticket masterminds as their entire prospecting method, because they meet all their key connections in the next, they're paying 100,000 bucks per, per mastermind, but they're meeting people who are totally the rockstars in any market. Yeah, so I'm gonna say this too, for everybody listening, Josh and I have no connection, no financial relationship, there's no affiliate commissions, whatever, go back and forth, either one of us, right? We've just gotten to know and respect each other in this process. Having a leader like Josh, doing what he's doing, building real relationships with each of you giving real content I mean, you listen to the dude, you know, he's for real lean In on that. Like, I'm a huge fan of coaching as well meaning I take my own medicine, I'm looking for my next coach right now and I know that area I want to get better and you bet I'm gonna freakin spend the money, it doesn't matter how much it costs, because I know that if I get a couple of wins with my new skill set, it will more than pay for the investment and the relationships, I mean, the coolest thing about mastermind leaders like Josh and if I could just throw myself in the same bucket of amazing masterminds 

Josh: gonna throw a bucket for you.

Chris: if you got a good if you got a good leader like Josh or like me You, you're, you're really buying into the group of friends that they have,  I don't know how to say that it sounds so nasty that way but it's, it's like getting invited to the coolest house party in your town by the most influential people in your town and you know that just three hours hanging out that parties mean, you're gonna get invited to a whole year's worth of parties after that, It's true. It's the people in my group that make it awesome not me my job is just to throw a really cool house party and invite the right people that's Josh's job getting the mastermind?

Josh: Yeah. And see, and what's so funny, Chris is and this is what people will look at I this is this is I'm not gonna say people me this was my thought process before. I'm like, Well, why would I pay you and I could pay like Russell Brunson, or one of the top people right to go into their groups but what I've been finding is when I join really high level masterminds like yours, but you know, maybe you're not as famous as they are, you are very successful, right? But you've got a way more intimate group than they do, right and so when I'm coming into these groups, and this is just prospecting, free lesson for all of you, right, I literally, I'll just go into every single one of your calls, and I just introduced myself to every single person in the group individually, I will message them on the zoom calls and just say, hey, like, it's nice to Nice to meet you. Thanks for saying that in the in the call. What do you do? And it's just crazy, I already have four meetings from your group.

Chris: I was gonna say, I was in our group q&a for our call today, Josh, and I mentioned your name they brought up podcasting. I was like, they're like, how do we monetize a podcast? It's like, you guys don't know yet, I said, this is Josh Tapp. He's in our he's in our mastermind. Like, you need to ask him because he's got it completely cracked like he's figured it out and they're like, a bunch of us are like, Oh, my gosh, I gotta meet that guy, next week. I was like, man, I just thought in my head, man, Josh is crushing it. 

Josh: He's lucky.

Chris: Pro Tips right there. Yeah.

Josh: That's what happened. It's just like this relationship synergy and like, like Chris said, Guys, we're not saying, Hey, Chris, I'm gonna promote you so I can get a commission out of this deal, right? We're having him on here. We did a swap, I went on to his show, he went on to mine now and it's allowing us this opportunity to cross promote each other's audiences and prove that we actually trust each other, right and if Chris makes $100,000 out of this, this interview, and I don't see a penny, I am totally happy with that right? Because he's going to come out of the deal with a win, I'm going to come out of the deal with the win and then I'll go into this group and meet many people. It's just, I think people, they get too hung up on why needs either traditional network, or they're just completely scared of talking to people and that's what I want to talk to you about Chris with this because I mean, we have already covered a lot of topics here but with a mastermind, what makes it so much more different than just networking?

Chris: Yeah, it's because the you got two things going, you got a group leader who's an expert, so does you hanging out with his, you're an expert in what you know, you know how to do stuff that other people wish they could figure out, right? So you take your expertise, you're guiding them through the process so they're already the people in your group, their hearts, their minds are kind of already open, ready to receive, you're giving them this amazing insight set and you might think I'll have this amazing insight you do, trust me, you do but you're doing that in context of a bunch of other people, let's say 5 10 20 people that are in the same group that you've invited that same group, everybody there is they're ready and open to learn and grow. When you put humans together like that, where they're driven, they want to grow and they actually have somebody feeding them the opportunities to grow, it's like magic, it's, it's not one on one relationships, the the momentum of the group, I would say probably 5 to 10 times as fast of a transformation as you get one on one, I I've completely quit one on one coaching. Somebody offered Josh, this is back in like November, this is the first time it's ever happened to me, I thought was kind of crazy. Somebody offered $100,000 for me to come to their office for three days to do my thing with their team, I turned it down because I had learned already I learned this a year or so ago that it's the group that makes the transformation happen and if I went to their office, I know that they would not get the value they would go the group so I sold them our $30,000 mastermind instead, they got a screaming deal and they were shocked that I was pivoting that way but I was like guys, I'm taking your $100,000 is the wrong thing to do. You'll get less out of it. You got to be in a group. The person next to us gonna ask a question that you didn't know to ask, but it's gonna get you four weeks ahead just because they thought it before you did, like just be in the group so the thing is, folks, you guys got awesome expertise, you know, something someone else wants to know figure out the group, learn how to prospect the right people that used to be you, and invite them to become like you put them all in one spot and help them grow together, it's it works, it's so works.

Josh: I love that. I absolutely love that and I almost just wanted to end the interview there. But then we haven't even promoted you yet, Chris. 

Chris: So, let's do that. That sounds good. 

Josh: So tell us about where people can connect with you, Chris.

Chris: Okay, so I would say the best place to hang out is in our Facebook group. We don't sell or pitch or anything in there but we do answer the questions about how to build a group coaching program like this and that would be the best place to hang out, just hang out in our Facebook group, It's elite agency, inner circle, elite agency inner circle so if you're an expert, a coach or not, currently, it doesn't matter, if you're an expert, and you want to share that expertise the fastest way to positive cash flow is not one on one or done for you. It is group coaching by far and it's the easiest thing to prospect for organically. We, we literally just talked about that non-stop in that group. You ask your questions posting publicly, I jump in the next day or two, I list out all the questions and I just detail every single thing that we do and how our program works, that way you can grow. We're all in this together. It's been a crazy time out there and and why not do it together? That's what we're there for.

Josh: I love that, Chris. So guys, make sure you go join that group. I mean, how do I put this? I don't know a lot of Facebook groups in my time, right? But when you join a group, like like Chris's, here, it's got a unique purpose, His goal is to educate you enough that you could go win without him right and then I'm just gonna let you know, because you're not gonna pitch it, Chris, but I'm gonna pitch it, he's got one of the best masterminds you could ever be a part of. So definitely go check that out as well. So make sure you go check out the group and then go check out the mastermind as well so Chris, I do want to end on one final note so if you could leave our audience with one final parting piece of guidance, what would that be?

Chris: You're gonna think this is silly, Josh, me pitching you back. But I I mean this from the bottom of my heart. When I'm on interviews like this, you can see the quality difference between people who leave their communities, Josh, your heart is real. It's very evident. So the folks you guys lean in, you got a leader here, you're listening to this guy for a reason, he's attracted your attention for a reason, he's the real deal as another professional looking in from the outside this, he's the real thing. So lean in, engage any way you can start a conversation, get on a zoom call with the guy do something but you've got a unique opportunity here and he's not a scammer he's not a fly by night. He didn't just learn something from an E course and he's out there trying to sell it now. He knows what he's doing. So soak it up.