Secrets in the City with Dr Katherine
The Power of Mindset: How Changing Your Words Can Change Your Life
The Power of Mindset: How Changing Your Words Can Change Your Life 37:38 Confidence tips on and off camera: how to accept the things we cannot change with Carmen Braidwood 59:07 Pursuing your purpose: Finding freedom and fulfilment, with Jennifer McMahon 58:55 The juggling act of being a people pleaser and living your purpose: success strategies with Claire Seeber 1:00:39 More than physical fitness: The job of a Formula 1 Performance Coach 51:22 How to make your brain stronger than your body: The story of a woman's survival. 1:17:31 Sam Wood's Sensitive Ways: his story of fatherhood, grief and life in the spotlight. 53:38 CEOs and Psychopaths: Amy Jacobson on Emotional Intelligence 1:12:11 Bouncing Back from Burnout and Beyond: Shandra Moran’s story as a recovered workaholic. 1:08:32 Speed Secrets: self-worth, sins and saying sorry. 46:16 Devil in the Dopamine: Lyndi Cohen shares how to prime your environment to live a more purposeful life. 1:12:49 Scherri-Lee Biggs’ double life: how to cope when you lose your mojo. 48:34 Anxious to Authentically Awesome: Mason Roberts shares how to embrace your alter ego. 1:01:30 The Pain, Guilt and Trauma Beneath Perfection with Dr Clara Hurst. 51:29 A Journey from Burdened to Limitless 49:53 I can't seem to let go of my ex 51:05 Can opposites attract? Unpacking unexpected love. 56:09