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CLASS is in SESSION! Trusted Canna Nurse Megan Mbengue announces the upcoming CBD/CANNABIS 101 Workshop.

August 27, 2022 Russ Binder -
Claremont Speaks
CLASS is in SESSION! Trusted Canna Nurse Megan Mbengue announces the upcoming CBD/CANNABIS 101 Workshop.
Show Notes

Trusted Canna Nurse's professional team of experts  - Megan Mbengue, BSN, RN, CHPN and Kathy Simmons, BSN, RN  - are bringing their combined half century of direct nursing experience, board certification and graduate-level Cannabis training to Claremont in a unique, experiential workshop; CBD/CANNABIS 101. 

Megan and Kathy will focus on deconstructing the myths, lies and mis-information surrounding cannabis.  Then, they'll bring forth the many, many roles and applications CBD and related products have,,,as genuine, effective medicine for pain and stress reduction, weight loss and more.  In addition to a comprehensive presentation, discussion and Q&A, Megan's unique, experiential workshop will include being able to see, feel and smell a wide variety of products so that the attendees reach a level of education and understanding not frequently found.

If you are now using or considering trying CBD or Cannabis, this workshop is practically custom-made for you.  Among Megan and Kathy's surfeit of subtle super-powers are deep product knowledge and the ability to reduce and explain complex organic chemistry concepts until just about anyone understands.  Key to their success is a natural penchant for delivering superior personal attention.  These uncommon skills are the key reasons for listening to this short episode, then contacting Trusted Canna Nurse, registering and attending the workshop...and be sure to mention to Megan you heard about her workshop on Claremont Speaks.

SEPTEMBER 17, 2022  10:00 AM to 12:00 noon.
at the
450 W 2nd St, Claremont, CA 91711

Register on the Trusted Canna Nurse Website:

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