Grow it, Minnesota

Growing Elderberries with Susannah Shmurak

November 09, 2020 Mary Schier Season 1 Episode 7
Grow it, Minnesota
Growing Elderberries with Susannah Shmurak
Show Notes

Today's episode is about Everything Elderberry, which is also the title of Susannah Shmurak's new book on elderberries—a superfood you can grow in your northern garden! Susannah describes the health benefits of elderberries and elderflowers, how to use them to get the most benefit, great cultivars to grow in home gardens, and even foods you can make with elderberries and elderflowers. (Did you know Prince Harry and Megan Markle's wedding cake was an elderflower cake?) Check out this episode to learn everything elderberry!

Useful and Fun Links
Susannah's book talk for the Minnesota State Horticultural Society
The University of Missouri Elderberry Research Center
A few good choices for home gardeners: Ranch, Bob Gordon, Marge
An at-home version of Harry and Megan's elderflower cake
More about SWD flies

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