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Sustainable Roses with David Zlesak

June 14, 2021 Mary Schier Season 1 Episode 21
Grow it, Minnesota
Sustainable Roses with David Zlesak
Show Notes

David Zlesak, plant breeder and professor at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, is my guest today, talking about the American Rose Trials for Sustainability or A.R.T.S. program. In this program, roses are evaluated all over the country for their ability to thrive without fertilizer, pesticides or fungicides. Regional winners are named each year and there are more than 20 roses that are "Local Artists" for Minnesota.

David talks about the program, his favorite roses, tips for planting roses (hint: go deep) and our favorite rose nemisis, the Japanese beetle. If you love roses or think you would like to plant them but worry they are too hard, this is the episode for you.

A.R.T.S. Program in Minnesota (Plus Rose List)

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