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Creativity is Our DNA.

September 28, 2020 Caroline Morey Season 1 Episode 4
A Beautifully Curated Life Podcast
Creativity is Our DNA.
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Creativity, Inspiration, Why we’re inherently creatives, makers & artists...Why is it we feel the pulse of creativity so strongly at times? Encouragement and motivation to do your, craft, your work, your art and your life. How it opens us up to energy, connection and healing. A favorite quote by dancer and choreographer, Martha Graham, about the vitality that we as artists possess and a reminder that if we don't share that gifts, our unique voice and vision will be lost. We are the artists of life. 

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Hey friends, this is Caroline Morey with A Beautifully Curated Life podcast. I just wanted to share a few thoughts about creativity, when you think about it, if we were made by the great creator, and creativity is really a part of our DNA, it's in every fiber of our being. It is so fully who we are, were made to make things. It really makes you think about what we do with each and every day of our life. What are you creating? How are you letting that energy flow through you? And what are you doing with it? How are you sharing it in the world? And what are you bringing to everyone else? I think it's a really good reminder not to judge and not to overly edit, but to do the work of your life and to put it out there and share it with others. Because there's an incredible amount of energy of love. There's passion, compassion, and a fire that is innately a part of the DNA of who we are, that is meant to be shared. So share it with everyone. Do the work, create and give it to the