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CHAT ROOM creation - Jonathan Sarfati (Scientist, Creationist) 2016
June 27, 2017 nick cowan
Jonathan Sarfati ("Jono" to his friends) grew up and studied in New Zealand (national Chess champion). His family background is Jewish, and he came to know the Lord Jesus as Messiah while he was at university - a Ph.D. for research into spectroscopy. Blessed with an incisive intellect and considerable theological as well as scientific expertise, he became a formidable opponent of evolutionism, and is widely regarded as one of the world's top apologists for the Biblical (six-day) account of creation and the historical accuracy of the Genesis record. Now based in the USA, his books include the popular "Refuting Evolution" series, "Refuting Compromise" and "The Greatest Hoax on Earth" - a vigorous rebuttal of Richard Dawkins and the "new atheists". His latest publication "The Genesis Account" is an in-depth commentary on Genesis 1-11, and is a work of considerable scholarship, combining history, theology and science, and looks set to become a classic in its field. Whilst on a UK tour he recorded this interview at Flame.
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