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CHAT ROOM - Peggy Maskrey (Charles Thompson's Mission memories) 2015
August 11, 2015 rob jeffs
Peggy was born in 1920 in Birkenhead near Charles Thompson's Mission and still remembers as a child of 8 going to the Mission. In this programme Peggy talks to Rob Jeffs at the Mission about her early memories of life and of the Mission which was opened in 1892 and since then has been distributing food, clothes and toys to the local poor and needy. Nowadays they also provide furniture and medical services, plus on weekdays free hot food. As in the early days as recounted by Peggy, they still take the adults who come to the Mission on free outings and the children on a free holiday to Barstondale Camp. And amongst all of the happy volunteer workers you will find Peggy. In it all, the aim is to help anyone in need and tell them of the love of God.
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