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CHAT ROOM - Martin Dickson (Safe Families, YFC, Wirral) 2018
June 14, 2017 john cheek
Martin Dickson talks about his remarkable life, his faith and the marvellous work that he's now involved with, at Safe Families for Children. MARTIN DICKSON is well-known across Merseyside for his family background of radical Christian living, his work for Wirral Youth For Christ and his heading up of Safe Families for Children. SAFE FAMILIES for Children is a movement of the church to care for some of the most vulnerable members of our society - children whose parents are really 'up against it'. Host Families take children into their loving homes for a brief while, giving the parents much-needed space to deal with a pressing issue - such as bereavement. At the same time, other volunteers may befriend and mentor the parents, whilst generous supporters may donate useful items such as children's clothes, a cot, or help with cooking or gardening. Martin is interviewed by John Cheek about this national church initiative, as well as his life and faith, which has featured some times of challenge; not least in terms of health. Hear more about a remarkable life and a marvellous voluntary organisation. Martin chose the interesting mix of music and specifically Owl City with a track "hospital flowers" - we hope you work out why.
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