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CHAT ROOM - Hannah Mayo (journalist & broadcaster, BBC)
June 18, 2017 john cheek
Hannah Mayo (Hannah Scott Joynt) is a renowned journalist, broadcaster and presenter - and also is a Producer of BBC Radio 2's 'Pause For Thought'. She has established herself in her own right, in the context of her late father being Bishop Michael Scott-Joynt - and being related, by marriage, to a well-known BBC Radio 2 drivetime presenter! In interview with John Cheek, Hannah also refreshingly speaks honestly about the difficult times in her life, how she has learnt from past mistakes and how such times have strengthened her faith. She places great importance on hearing the stories of others and describes some of the remarkable stories she has encountered in her professional career - including that of one of the children rescued by the Kindertransport from the Nazi death-camp of Auschwitz.
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