The Stakeholders Podcast

Ep. 43: Lisa Geason-Bauer

June 16, 2021 Andy Dosev Season 1 Episode 43
The Stakeholders Podcast
Ep. 43: Lisa Geason-Bauer
Show Notes

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Today we are joined by  Lisa Geason-Bauer,  the president of Evolution Marketing, a Wisconsin-based woman-owned Certified B Corporation® specializing in the area of global sustainability consulting and storytelling, environmentally responsible creative design, and ethical marketing. 

In this episode, we dive into what it means to be an ethical business in 2021 and beyond, how you can make a difference by making small changes in your habits, the responsibilities of companies, and more!

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"At Evolution Marketing we believe in the “power” of education and we believe that educational materials should be made open-sourced and freely available so that everyone - business leaders and community members alike have the same access to those resources.  With all the challenges that we as a world are facing today, our small Evolution Marketing team wanted to be part of the solution. Therefore we have assembled several pages of Free resources for businesses who want to begin on their sustainability journey. We have divided those resources into three categories that correspond to the triple bottom line* and how our business operates (i.e. people, planet and profit)."

  • Earth Day Program  Talk here
    • Access the PDFs of the PowerPoint presentations here.  
    • Links to research that was being cited can be found here.  
  • Link to the “Free Sustainability Resources for Business” landing page can be found hereWithin that landing page there are resources broken down into four categories:
  • Learn more about the triple bottom line watch this video.
    •  Businesses traditionally think about "bottom line" profits, but these often fail to measure external costs, like harm to people or the planet. Triple Bottom Lines take these into account. This is a 10-minute interview with Lisa Geason-Bauer of Evolution Marketing, and discusses companies adopting TBL's and Certified B-Corps with Dr. Patrick Hillberg from Oakland University.
  • If you want to see how Evolution Marketing addresses the triple bottom line in our business watch this video: 
    • This video breaks down triple bottom line into People, Planet, Profit and shows it in action at Evolution Marketing. Video designed and narration by: Angelina Godinez - Sustainability Marketing & Communications 2021 Intern, Evolution Marketing