The Stakeholders Podcast

Ep. 55: The impact of mind and body health on society.

October 13, 2021 Andy Dosev Season 2 Episode 55
The Stakeholders Podcast
Ep. 55: The impact of mind and body health on society.
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Today we are talking about your health and that of those around you. What is the impact of not having enough resources associated to health? Why does it affect more than just you? What are some steps you can take to get healthier?

These are all questions that Jessica and Georgia Smith attempt to answer in this first-ever Guest Takeover episode! With their expertise as mindset coaches from Mental Finnese, they are teaming up to better the health of our society.

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Hey everyone, it's Andy and in today's deep dive episode I am going to take a deep dive into stakeholder maps. 

  1. What is a stakeholder map?
    1. A visualization of the stakeholders involved in a project, or an organization and how they are all related to each other. 
  2. Types of stakeholders:
    1. Sponsors
    2. Project Team
    3. Reference Group
    4. Users
  3. The steps of mapping:
    1. Identifying: listing relevant groups, organizations, and people
      1. This depends completely on your organization, project, and life
      2. It is extremely varied and that is what makes it so important
      3. Make sure to continuously update this list since this is ever-changing
    2. Analyzing: understanding stakeholder perspectives and interests
      1. Now it's time to break down the above stakeholders in more relevant groups. 
      2. For life this can include:
        1. Family
        2. Work
        3. Hobbies
      3. For work these can include:
        1. Stakeholder Type (listed above)
        2. Contributor
        3. Affected
        4. Legitimacy
        5. Willingness to engage
        6. Influence
        7. Involvement: Could this person delegitimize the process if they were not included
    3. Mapping: visualizing relationships to objectives and other stakeholders
      1. Map out the relationships based on how they interact with each other. 
      2. Based on your previously broken down criteria you will now connect how all these stakeholders interact
      3. This part is more difficult to talk about so I am attaching a link in the description to help you all visualize
    4. Prioritizing: ranking stakeholder relevance and identifying issues
      1. Based on the following axis:
        1. y-axis: Stakeholder Interest
        2. x-axis: Stakeholder Influence
      2. Based on these axis you will do the following breakdown

Keep completely informed | Manage most thoroughly
Regular minimal contact | Anticipate and meet needs