Following Passions + Dreaming Big w/ Bre Morris

December 02, 2020 Sarah Walters Season 1 Episode 16
Following Passions + Dreaming Big w/ Bre Morris
Show Notes

In this episode, Sarah sits down with Owner and Founder of Alchemy Face Bar, Bre Morris to talk about her journey through building a booming (and blooming) business, one step at a time. The two discuss the need to honor one's own unique path and passions in life, "growing as you go" in terms of building big things,  and the need to welcome risk as you step out of your comfort zone. Bre shares how expanding a her business has changed her from this inside out in terms of learning to admit when she is wrong, regulating her emotions as a boss, setting boundaries so that she doesn't get depleted in her work, as well as learning how to empower others in their strengths. She discusses motherhood and learning to pivot and adapt through Covid, as well as the need to always be a learner.

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