Mostly Folk

Mostly Folk Podcast Episode 621

April 22, 2023 Artie Martello Season 10 Episode 621
Mostly Folk
Mostly Folk Podcast Episode 621
Show Notes

Karine Polwart /The Sun's Comin' over the Hill/Faultlines

Fiddle Folk Family/Arkansas Traveller / The Musical Priest / Morrisons Jig/Freaky Folks

Allan Clarke/Buddy's Back/I'll Never Forget

Mick Hanly/Shackleton's Farewell /To The Endurance           Marathon

Tara Jeffery/Swimming/Peachy Keen

The Whispering Tree/Bells/Invisible Forces

Alice Howe/Something Calls To Me/Circumstance

Martha Groves Perry/Mckiely's Song/Call Out

Chip Taylor/This Darkest Day/F**k All The Perfect People

Joanne Rand/Dna Song/Stay Awhile

Hal Cannon/Plains Of Odessa/Nothin' Lastin'

Tom Pacheco/While We Looked the Other Way/Luminol

Rita Hosking/Maybe Elvis/For Real

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