Mostly Folk

Mostly Folk Podcast Episode 561

January 22, 2022 Artie Martello Season 9 Episode 561
Mostly Folk
Mostly Folk Podcast Episode 561
Show Notes

Jana Pochop/Matador/Astronaut

MohaviSoul/Sinners and Saints/Stories and Memories


Pretty Little Goat/Undone in Sorrow/ Big Storm

Hoyt Axton/ Evangelina/The A&M Years Hoyt Axton  [Disc 2]

Bill Scorzari /Now I'm Free /Now I'm Free

The Honey Dewdrops /Silver Lining/Silver Lining

Kama Ruby/Miss You, Mitch/Miss You, Mitch

Eva Cassidy/Dark Eyed Molly/ American Tune

Robin & Linda Williams/Old Lovers Waltz/A Better Day A-Coming

Jack Summers/ Simona/No Longer and Not Yet

Janis Ian/Perfect Little Girl/The Light at the End of the Line

Mamie Minch Black Dog/Razorburn Blues

Bruce T. Carroll/ If That's The Way You Feel/finding you

George Mann & Julius Margolin/If I Only Had an Brain/Just a Few Bad Apples

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