Kind thoughts for Meghan Markle

Podcast 48 – Meghan Markle & Prince Harry make a donation of "Archie Hats."

December 27, 2020 Jeanette Songolo Episode 48
Kind thoughts for Meghan Markle
Podcast 48 – Meghan Markle & Prince Harry make a donation of "Archie Hats."
Show Notes

Meghan and Harry have written several cheques over the holiday period, sending donations to various non-profits. Per an article published in this week’s New Zealand Herald, Meghan and Harry also made a donation in Archie’s name to the New Zealand knitwear social enterprise Make Give Live.

Meghan and Harry have purchased 100 hand knitted woollen hats. Given that the enterprise works on a make one give one model, this purchase will amount to 200 hats that will be donated by the enterprise to people in need in New Zealand.

Archie’s connection with this organization is not new. On January 1st of 2020 Meghan and Harry released a photograph of Archie that was taken whilst the family were living in Canada. The photo that you probably recall seeing, shows Prince Harry holding Archie who is wearing a pale blue double pompom beanie hat. We were to find out that the hat came from the Make Give Live company.

The hat that Archie wore that day has since been renamed the Archie Beanie given the demand that was generated after he was pictured wearing it.

The company was co-founded by Claire Conza and Becky Smith in 2016. It is set up today such that the enterprise runs community-based knitting groups throughout New Zealand. Make Give Live describe belonging to a knitting group as like having a second family. They knit but also nurture their mental health and wellbeing. They call this connecting through crafting. 

The article in the New Zealand Herald describes Make Give Live as having donated over 3500 hats over the past year to people in need. 

Coincidentally to the donation from Meghan and Harry, the co-founders had been wanted to know where they could send a Christmas Card for Harry, Meghan and Archie. On December 14th, 2020 they posted the photo of Archie wearing his Beanie hat on their Instagram account with a message to Archie which said “We're thinking about you Archie. We'd love to send you a Christmas card and thank your mum and dad for choosing to shine a light on the work that we do. Can't believe it's almost 1 year on, and what a year we have all had! Hope you're all thriving and getting into the magic of Christmas 🎄🌟Who can help us get a card to them?"

It seems with a little help from New Zealand’s Prime Minister, Jacinda Arden, their message of thanks got through OK. 

Keep looking out for future podcasts on all things Meghan, Harry and Archie.

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