Guided Harmonies: Music & Therapy

GH - Floating

February 27, 2022 Margaret Dahlberg Season 4 Episode 1
Guided Harmonies: Music & Therapy
GH - Floating
Show Notes Transcript

Back for another season, this week's episode focuses on breathing from a place of kindness and gentleness.


Welcome to Guided Harmonies, a podcast where I put words to my therapeutic music. Today’s episode, Floating, is designed to give yourself a greater sense of peace, love and acceptance for where you are at in your life in this moment.  

Let’s get started. Find a quiet place and sit back or lie down and close your eyes. From there, the Guided Harmonies will move you into a deeper place of relaxation. 

As you lie here, take gentle and easy breaths. Notice what parts of you welcome the air easily. Do not change anything just be curious. Does your chest rise? Do your ribs expand? Does your belly inflate like a balloon? Be gentle.  

Have you ever filled an inflatable raft or toy? It starts out shapeless and flat. As you pump the air, you watch it take shape. Imagine that childlike fascination you used to feel as you watched your water toys expand.  

Now Imagine your own body is inflatable? And as you breathe be curious what parts of you are not filling with air. Make a conscious choice not to push the air further, just let it expand whatever parts of you are open to receiving it These are parts of your body that the air simply has not reached yet. And this is ok. There only needs to be a small amount of air for anything to float. Keep it easy.  

Now As you breathe, see if you ever-so-gently simply invite your breath to move one tiny bit further? Just one millimeter or a sixteenth of an inch. You do not need to worry about these parts of you that are not ready to receive the air. Allow yourself to focus on the parts of you that are already floating and simply coax that air to touch a little further? These unfilled portions of your inflatable you simply cannot fill until the air has touched other areas first. What parts of YOU are ready to float on the water? Place inflatable you outside in your favourite swimming spot. And breathe. 


invite your breaths with kindness and ease. What if whatever shape your inflated self takes is perfect as it is? AS long as there is air, you are floating. Let the music hold your while you breathe and float. Imagine the hot sun, hear the breeze and the ripples of the water. You are warm and held and supported by the earth, the water and your own breaths. And that is all you need.