Guided Harmonies: Music & Therapy

GH - Ballast

March 09, 2022 Margaret Dahlberg Season 4 Episode 2
Guided Harmonies: Music & Therapy
GH - Ballast
Show Notes Transcript

In order to float and feel free, we need ballast to keep ourselves grounded and steady at the same time. This is the great balancing act that keeps us all on course. This week's episode brings you a sense of presence and strength as it connects you with the gravitational power of our planet. 


Welcome to Guided Harmonies, the podcast where I put words to my therapeutic music. My name is Margaret Dahlberg and today’s episode, Ballast, has been designed to help you feel an increased sense of wholeness and presence. 

Let’s get started.

Find a quiet place and sit back and close your eyes. Lie down if you are able. Then let these Guided Harmonies guided you to a deeper place of well being.

As the music surrounds you, check in with your body. How heavy do you feel against whatever you are resting on? As you breathe, can you feel the resistance of the weight of your body against your lungs as they fill with air? Do not push or force anything. Just feel that resistance, and allow the air to gently expand further into your body? Toward your pelvis? Outwards through the sides of your ribs? Expanding up to your shoulders?

Imagine that your body is a large, heavy sandbag that brings you  safe sense of being held with balance and stability. Being immovable can be a deeply strong and secure feeling. You may feel luxuriously sturdy and solid as you breathe. And as you breathe, allow your muscles to succumb to their weight as the gravity as it pulls your body toward the core of the earth.

Starting with your feet, allow them to Sink down as you feel the magnetic centre of the earth pulling them home. Breathe and feel their density. Now check invite your lower legs to join into the feeling of being pulled deeper down. INclude your Quads and thighs as well. Now How about Your pelvis and buttocks as they join in the heaviness? Turn those muscles to sand as they succumb to that sense of gravity. Now How about Your belly and lower back joining in? Imagine Your torso and chest to feeling their density as they melt toward the centre of the plant. Now allow Shoulders and arms to join in. How about your Neck and skull Sinking deeper and deeper down.

You are here. You are strong. You are present. You are on course.