Guided Harmonies: Music & Therapy

GH - Momentum

March 15, 2022 Season 4 Episode 3
Guided Harmonies: Music & Therapy
GH - Momentum
Show Notes Transcript

This week's episode was inspired by those who experience significant events that cause a sense of a loss of momentum. We often feel discouraged when we lose our footing from unexpected occurrences. This piece is designed to create a revitalized sense of recovery when rebuilding from that sense of loss. 

Welcome to Guided Harmonies, the podcast where I put words to my therapeutic music. Today’s episode, Momentum, takes the listener on a journey of acceptance for those times in our lives where we lose our footing. We can lose our momentum without feeling a sense of loss. 

Let’s get started. Find a quiet place and sit back and close your eyes. Lie down if you are able. Then these Guided harmonies will take you to a place with a greater sense of well-being.

Take a moment to focus on your breathing. Be gentle as you explore how your body receives the air as you inhale. Can you notice the speed at which your exhales leave your body? Now see if you can allow yourself to be heavy and relaxed as you invite your breaths to gently expand and deepen ever so gradually.  

What matters most to you in your life? Take some time to think about it. There are likely a number of things that ebb and flow depending on the day. Just see what comes up, while breathing deeply and allowing your thoughts to swirl gently in your head. Sometimes it may your family, other times it’s your personal relationships and friends. At times our careers  or hobbies take precedence, other times it’s our health. There is also our own relationship with self. Allow any thoughts that come up to floating around your head without attachment. You are here simply here to explore. 

Imagine each aspect of your life is a grocery bag that you are carry as you walk along on your great journey of life. Each bag carries a different size and weight, and yet you manage to carry them all. Some grow heavier and lighter as you travel along. Sometimes you feel like you are carrying too many. Other times you feel as though you have just the right amount. And sometimes you even feel like you could carry even more. 

Sometimes on our journey something happens and we have no choice but to let go of all of our grocery bags. It can be an illness, or a crisis, or even some type of getaway. We find ourselves completely focused on one thing. 

The thought of our grocery bags of priorities that we had no choice but to drop can feel quite overwhelming. Yet we accept that we have had no choice. Still those bags are not going anywhere and when we are ready to pick them up again, some of them will have become heavier in our absence. We have lost our momentum. 

We struggle with feeling as though we have let others down. Perhaps we have even let ourselves down. We argue with the reality that we had no choice but to let go of everything. 

And yet, deep down, we know the truth. We know that life happens and all we need to do is allow what comes to come, managing as best as we can.

So when we are ready, We pick up our bags one by one. We ask for love and acceptance from our loved ones, but especially ourselves. And we continue on our journey. One step at a time. And eventually, we regain our momentum and life lives us once again.

Take as much time as you need to come back to consciousness. Tune into the sounds outside your awareness. Notice the light sources on the other side of your eyelids. Invite your breaths to intensify in anticipation of moving. When you are ready, allow your eyes to open as you continue to consider moving on with your day. 

Thank you for joining me today.