Guided Harmonies: Music & Therapy

GH - Integration (Re-re-release)

February 10, 2021 Margaret Dahlberg Season 1 Episode 15
Guided Harmonies: Music & Therapy
GH - Integration (Re-re-release)
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Bear with me friends, this is my SECOND Re-release of Season 1, episode 2 as I am experimenting with mastering.  Integration is all about de-stressing and calming. Lie back and let yourself be surrounded by the music. This episode is about incorporating your active brain (potentially accompanied by stress, worry or anxiety) as a mere part of the whole and complete version of yourself. Take 11 minutes to bring a stronger sense of wellness into your world! This little micro-therapy session will help you feel your best. Want your own personalized Guided Harmony? I can custom create words and music to suit you perfectly.

GH – Integration

Welcome to Guided Harmonies. A podcast where my words and music work together to help you relax. My name is Margaret Dahlberg and Before I begin, I’d like to tell you a little about how this works. You see, we know that the human body functions to different frequencies that we call them infrasonic waves, because they are so subtle we don’t even notice them. Apparently each of our functioning parts vibrate their own unique frequency. So, my intention is for music to stimulate different parts of your body, and move your focus away from your active brain. 

Find a quiet place and close your eyes. Just sit back or lie down and let the music do its thing.

This episode is called “Integration” and will invite you to transform your feelings of active energy into a calm energy.

Just Listen and breathe. The music will do the rest.

Notice your chest, torso and ribcage fill with air as you breathe. Are your breaths deep or shallow? Do not change anything, just notice. This is your own rhythm in this moment.  

Can your hear the low tones in the music that move up and down in a slow rocking rhythm? They vibrate to connect you with your root which is the source of your body that maintains its life-building power. See if you can Breathe into the bottom of your pelvis. Can you imagine that your root’s powerful energy may gradually and luxuriously envelop your entire body? Think of a flame as it spreads through sheet of paper as you imagine your own vibrant energy spreading out from your pelvis. 

As the musical vibrations hold you in a place of stillness, your body bustles with activity: Oxygen is being absorbed, your heart is beating, your blood is flowing, your organs are functioning and your brain is transmitting messages. Your body does all of this without any conscious thought.. This is your own miracle of life. 

There are female voices singing on continuous open vowels. Aaaaaah. These sounds will connect you with the vibration of your own throat and vocal chords. Aaaaah is the sound many of us make when indulging in a moment of relaxation for it is the most open and relaxed your vocal chords and throat may get.

Imagine your body’s inner movements like a bustling urban thoroughfare that you observe from so far above it is completely silent. Imagine the vibration of the music will meet the vibration of your body with no effort on your behalf. 

The active vibrations in this music integrate different sounds to create a calm and gentle atmosphere with a sense of great stillness. Just as you live in every moment as a whole and functioning being while your body bustles with vibration. This is the integration between the calm and the movement that occurs in all life.

Listen and breathe. Listen and breathe.

As the music fades, allow yourself to come back into consciousness as gradually as you need. When you are ready, slowly let your eyes open and take one last deep breath and sigh it away. Aaaaaah.  

Thank you for joining me today.